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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

    VERY NICE... Cant wait for a smoke report.... Hows the smell? THANKS FOR POSTING
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    Neville's haze - organic, 120 days

    Sure makes me want some of that.... GREAT JOB!!! :wondering
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    ChemdogD X C99

    GREAT plants thanks for posting... Whats the smoke like on those chem99s???
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    Chernobyl Buds

    Looks great!! Would love to hear what you think of the smoke.... Thanks for posting....
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    SSSDH grow...

    Cant wait to see these finish.... Thanks for posting....
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    Shmoe's Kindness: Chem 4 x Double Under Dawg

    killin it tex.... Almost as good as joeshmoe himself..... FREE JOESHMOE!
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    Swerve's Pre-98 Bubba Kush from seed. Few days before 70 day chop!

    It doesnt get much better than that... Beautiful pics tex..... Cali connection has some nice looking gear...
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    Hello Farmer Friends

    Looks like a great site, so I thought I should join and share in the knowledge.... THANKS!
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