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  1. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    @symbiote420 @Top Selecta @germinator Bravo bravo fellas, I know myself @rawman @Funk Monk planned on makin the rounds at least one of the days, it'll be good to see new and old farmers, lets coordinate something grow-migo's, for all who are attending. Peace SSP
  2. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Got Raided. 24 Ounces And 100 Plants. How Screwed Am I?

    Jus spent the better part of a year going back n forth with these f'n crooks on the west side of the glove, its solely about $, its gonna cost ya, sadly, the job may be a causality of all this, play it like your innocent till the gavel cracks. My attorney simply said, they're draggin it out in...
  3. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    I hope the 4th was cool for ya'll and the family, I'm headed north to take my kid to mystic lake today for a summer camp, if time permits, i think i may stay the night and fish a little, all i know is I'll be crossing the bridge for the 1st time and brought a bit to burn with any available...
  4. ShivaSkunkPunk

    2015 Denver Cup

    Post #192 is the ticket @pura Hope to cross paths bro, last year was a hoot!
  5. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    @rawman I have to say that was one of the better tasting and potent purple ladies i've danced with in a minute. The pheno pictured has it all, bag appeal, density, etc. Peace SSP
  6. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Longtime Grower... New Member Sez Hey!

    Hot Damn if it aint ol' DoS, its been a minute brotha, maybe next year for dem broncos , welcome to the farm @dirtyolsouth Peace SSP
  7. ShivaSkunkPunk

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    @true grit a lil bit of this should be nice n cured up come cup time aye hombre :D:cool: Peace SSP
  8. ShivaSkunkPunk

    The Relentless Pursuit Of The Dankest Strains

    Good 2 cya ova here @Relentless project sounds Dope! Peace SSP
  9. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    @2broke2smoke I believe I stumbled across some very well grown flowers almost 10yrs ago on the westside of the D, that were exactly as you described and so uniquely foul and dank, the buds seriously looked like turds.... Peace SSP
  10. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Did You Get Dumped On Last Night? ( Snow Thread 2014! )

    Western Mich Univ area, got are asses handed to us, I jus made it home after nearly a 90min commute, normally takes 30. I'd say we hit 6" and it hasn't stopped since I went to work last night @ 7, Peace SSP
  11. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Organicyumyum's House of Yum

    @Organicyumyum Hella nice canopy bro, any supplemental feedings needed besides what the soils packing? Does the soil flush out easily as you taper down for the chop? Peace SSP
  12. ShivaSkunkPunk

    A few picks

    Very nice pics dude, there's a smorgasbord of Dank Flowers up in here. I've been keepin an eye out for anyone that grew out that crews cut, we were mob deep to go and chastise them for taxing so harshly, but got to spaced out on dab's and forgot, for what does appear to be faux, I hope its...
  13. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Homemade Organics

    Homemade Pest Repellent Pepper spray can be a useful garden tool, particularly to organic gardeners, who prefer to use no chemicals in their gardens. You can make your own pepper spray easily and inexpensively without the use of...
  14. ShivaSkunkPunk

    what is there to do?

    Welcome @dr.bootz there's a nice mix of things todo, especially if you have little ones. Several Fruit Orchards, Beaches, as well as, great fishing (Allegan Dam and Gull Lake) and hunting. Personally, I like that we're smack dab in the middle of Detroit and Chicago, so all is not lost.... Forgot...
  15. ShivaSkunkPunk

    MwD new room new year

    @midwestdensies you've really stepped ya pic game up amigo, top notch flowers dawg. Peace Shiva
  16. ShivaSkunkPunk

    MwD new room new year

    Str8 Serial Killer...... Consistently knockin'm out the park bro, I been watchin the show unfold from the nosebleeds, hella impressive. Gavita DE's have been the topic of convo wit the fella's as of late, gotta say I'm sold, primarily b/c of how low you've been feeding and the rewards you been...
  17. ShivaSkunkPunk

    White Bubba, Headband and Elevator Kush in the Jungle

    Whoa there @JollyGreen.... its been awhile since I've seen ya puttin it down homeskillet, everything looks and sounds Dank brotha.... besides the heat of course, Be Easy, SSP
  18. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Funk Monk & The Temple of Funk

    Whatup Doe @Funk Monk nice intro, look forward to seein ya make the rounds ova here, Peace SSP
  19. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Tea Recipe

    @Capulator @HeadKracker Quick question Cap, HK and I were rappin bout Organics and Teas, once you've mixed Mollasses and Water and you PH, I think you recommended to 6.5-7.5, is that to benefit microbe growth or for plant feed/uptake, when you add bennies does it cause the ph to flucuate?
  20. ShivaSkunkPunk

    Whatup Doe Brotha, life is good, everything has really fell into place that we'd rap about...

    Whatup Doe Brotha, life is good, everything has really fell into place that we'd rap about, check your PM
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