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  1. GT21

    Dankden Support Group Cgo (collaborated Growop)

    If you want WB back let me know.
  2. GT21

    I Need Pro Advices

  3. GT21

    I Need Pro Advices

    Did you top it?
  4. GT21

    Uv = Blacklight?

    When does the sun have uv? First 2 weeks? Maybe week 4-5? No..its all the time. You use them after stretch because i am lazy and dont want to move the bulbs everyday while theyre stretching.
  5. GT21

    Auto Outdoor Timing For Pk13/14

    Yes do it
  6. GT21

    Uv = Blacklight?

    Do not use uvc.. Seeing that you question the usage... Dont even buy it hahaha
  7. GT21

    29 Days In 12/12 Flowering

    Good point
  8. GT21

    29 Days In 12/12 Flowering

    Sounds like fim... I dont like it because it sets colas too close together.
  9. GT21

    What Are These Things On My Plant And What Do They Do?

    Hell ya!!!! both will do 200mph even when youre drunk!
  10. GT21

    At What Point Is Sex Obvious?

    3rd date
  11. GT21

    New Model All-in-one Dabpress Rosin Press

    The small pneumatic is 30 bucks less than the manual?
  12. GT21

    Week 10 No Frost And Yellowing

    Hows your ph? And yes... guaranteed too many nutes hahaha
  13. GT21

    Uv = Blacklight?

    Amazon.. You can buy lamp kits there too
  14. GT21


    Got that on deck and cloned up
  15. GT21

    Fertilizer Choosing

    Hahaha this is gonna be good
  16. GT21

    Indoor Grow Yield?

    A gpw is doable with most strains.
  17. GT21

    Hello From Castle Rock

    Sure is
  18. GT21

    Uv = Blacklight?

    Under 12in
  19. GT21

    Uv = Blacklight?

    I use them through the whole light cycle from right after stretch to chop.
  20. GT21

    Cloning Her

    In theory if you could get into a rhythm you could run a plant for pot and clone one for seeds i guess. Getting that perfect cut time and clone time down would be almost impossible. You would also need 2 completely separate grows for this little science project.
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