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    How to make good quality bubble hash quickly and easily - a step by step guide

    Spread the love Hey there BUBBLE HEADS! nice to see you all busy with your concentrates!
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    Skunkmasterflex's Chem D grow - cali connection gear

    Looks good and healty as your usual homie! keep it up! what about MARIANO?
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    Smoking Hash - What Gear to Start With?

    "lets party" LOOKS GOOD!!!!! i like your stash lil bottle! enjoy your own! stay MEDICATED! thanks for sharing!!
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    Smoking Hash - What Gear to Start With?

    ALT can help you. Hey there! nice to see you happy with your own concentrate and on the way for a good medication, Bubbler or Bong you need to use some screens! this is basylar for your RESIN,like the ice on water for make...
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    Got Connected, full grow....

    Cant wait homie!
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    fresh leaves or dry leaves for bubble hash?

    Let me know: What kind of tool you used for mixing? how many time of blending?
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    2nd Place Cannabis Champions Cup 2010 Barcelona, Spain

    Thats waht im talking about!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
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    WARNING! Fake Starbud seeds @

    Thats SUX Horti! thanks for the advice,and keep up the good work!
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    StarBud Meltz

    Hey there Horti!how you doing!you r medicated as well i bet! good for you, hehehehehehe what a beatiful SMALL WORLD eh?? oh yeah!im deeply eager to see you bubling your fabulous PURE RESIN! very eager to see,THANKS FOR SHARING your goodie! good time to you, later homie!
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    StarBud Meltz

    Looks unreal Horti! i heard some pretty good things about it!from who?? The BubbleMan from Vanamsterdam Canabia!! please dont miss to shot some MELTY PICS!cus it looks KILLER cant immaginate if you touch it with a light!!
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    bubba kush bx-1 grow log

    Youuuuuuuuu TEX the MASTER!! Great shots everyone!!
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    Amazing!!looks like Lavender a bit for real!keep it up Consumizzato!
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    Julius Ceasar OG- Cail Conn.

    Happy plants make happy people! They looks healty!!got to love any deep green!
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    How Do you Smoke Your Concentrates?

    One love -ent-! Cant be disappointed on what you sayd then i switched to bee line with great satisfaction also LEBOWSKI approved my choice nice to be free buthane! great thread so far,its good to see some various way to get medicated with our own concentrates.
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    Skunkmasterflex's Chem D grow - cali connection gear

    I fell myself like a kid at WILLY WONKA'world with your many Grows! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh beatiful words from a FINE Grower! Swerve will be happy to see so many italians follow his work on States!i am sure! be proud of you! great time to you.
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    Skunkmasterflex's Chem D grow - cali connection gear

    Chair pulled,let me wear my shades :cool0010: ready to this run! :yes
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    Got Connected, full grow....

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it........... Will be an other Genetic 'justice i bet! Great looking healty vegging plants!
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    Larry Og Kush

    Agree Thats what im talking about!
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    Ghost OG Kush

    Yeah!!me too i got to love to sharing ANYTHING!at this point ,whats your favorite KUSH?i'd to go for LARRY!great resin coated and lovely LEMONY'powerfull flavor! you dont need my good vibes,from your pics we can see your good KARMA,i bet the same about your skate'skills! definelty an...
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    Ghost OG Kush

    Again! An other KILLER' report!:rock
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