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  1. Cannafollow

    Water left in RDWC system between Rez changes

    That is looking amazing! Great work 🍻
  2. Cannafollow

    Happy to be here!

    6 plants stuffed in this 4x4 tent, 5 gallon pots grown in coco with GH 3 part nutes. Next time I’d run 4 plants with a scrog but this was a small pheno hunt for mothers so I crammed them in. Less plants with a full canopy would probably yield a little better cause it wouldn’t be so jammed in at...
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    Happy to be here!

    Thanks! The purple bud is called Putang from Mass Medical Strains. I’ve never grown purple bud before and wanted a sure thing. This breeder seems to have a lot of real purple phenos in his lines. It was cool to grow, definitely a crowd pleaser.
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    Happy to be here!

    Thanks 😊
  5. Cannafollow

    RapidStart - when to use/how?

    I agree with the person that says don’t use nutes for the first week or two from sprout. When you do start using nutes then use your rapid start at the low dosage. I use it in veg only and give the plants the high dose every time I transplant. Once you are in your final pots with roots...
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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    A nice DNA Kosher Kush I pulled from 3 seeds last run.
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    Happy to be here!

    Hey Farmers! I’m cannafollow. I’m a Canadian hobby grower that’s been lurking on forums for years. I’m sick of Instagram and all the drama queens so I thought I’d join THCfarmer. I’ve been growing on and off since 2002 both indoors and out. I’ve tried DWC, coco, soil and organics. I’m more of a...
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    Wanted Bog Seeds - Sour Bubble

    If you are in Canada, check out GTA seed bank.
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    This is my first time growing marijuana

    It looks fine for 3 weeks, every strain matures a different rates. Are you concerned because you are running out of growing season?
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    My idea. Can i get some help?

    I’m new on here but I’ve been growing for awhile. Outdoor photoperiod plants are a gamble in Canada. I’ve had very little success with them as I live near Edmonton which has a latitude of 56 degrees north I believe. Long story short, if a breeder advertises their plant as finishing at the...
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    Ok all of you xperts

    The best way to tell is to buy a jewellers loop or magnifying glass on Amazon or your local hydroponics store. You want to look at the resin heads Under magnification and when the plant is ready they will all be cloudy as opposed to transparent. They go from transparent to cloudy to amber...
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