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  1. khendriks

    First Grow: A combination of 2 hobbies and a lot of learning

    Hi everyone, I've been meaning to do this post for a while, now that I've got my first grow under my belt. There was A LOT of things I learned here, so for any first-time growers, there might be a couple slip-ups that I've done here that may help you. I've both worked in and have had...
  2. khendriks

    Do Dry crispy sugar leaves = bud rot?

    They look alright to me. Maybe a some Cal deficiency based on the other leaves in the photo. I had my sugar leaves do that on an indoor grow, but I gathered it was from a P deficiency from an out of wack PH. Coincidentally, I just cut a bunch of bud rot from my experiment weed in my greenhouse...
  3. khendriks

    Fruity pebbles og late flowering.

    How was the grow? I'm thinking about trying FPOG next actually. Any advice?
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