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    fem seeds

    I think some ppl spray a little collidal silver on them while in flower,if im not mistaken.There are products on the market I believe also,check your local growshop,peace,fuzzy
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    Pineapple Chunk 70 days

    When you say topped,how many times,if I missed it, im sorry,Anyway,they all look Awesome especially the pineapple chunk!Keep up the great work Re! peace,fuzzy
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    Rabbit Manure

    Rabbit manure is The Shit,lol,had too,peace,fuzzy
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    BlueAliens (BlueBerry (DjShort Pre`99 sativa dom)x AlienKush (f2))

    That shit looks pretty Awesome!Very Nice Work indeed KP!!!!Let me know if you make some beans,peace,fuzzy
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    Crackin some beans!!

    Looking Very Nice There BM!There are some great phenos in the snowdawg.I was running her a few rounds ago.Keep up the Great work,peace,fuzzy
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    Planning upcoming uc build

    I think you might be a little surprised by the veg difference for 1 in the UC compared to coco.Ive run both for a while now.I run a 8 bucket system with 26in centers scrogg with 3000 over the top horizontally.I also run a few buckets of coco on the outsides.UC wins everytime in weight...
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    Throughout my 30yrs+ of smoking and growing,ive noticed Huge sativa seeds as well as indica seeds.And the other way around also,very small indica as well as sativa.I think seed size comes from many different traits,peace,fuzzy
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    10 x 1000w Two UCXL16 Site Systems

    Great Job Flow!!Looks a Lot like my setup except I wrapped my buckets.Also I found that the buckets can be closer together when scrogging if you have enough room to make the screen bigger.Each of my buckets puts out about a 4x4 little section of Insane Jane.Looks like a hedge of colas.Keep up...
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    I am from China's weed

    What kind are you growing IoI55?Looking Good,keep up the good work,peace,fuzzy
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    ballast cord getting warm

    Always safer to go lareger on your breakers and such,Peace,fuzzy
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    Numbnutts new grow. STOP ON IN. ALL WELCOME

    Looks like your getting some nice colas on those Nutts,keep up the great work,peace,fuzzy
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    ballast cord getting warm

    Wow,sounds like you may need to divide some of that up someway.Turn off what doesn't need to be turned on for 1 thing,but sounds like you may havea n need to add up the amps that are coming off everything,split it up and go from there really.
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    ballast cord getting warm

    You may want to try and switch the plug out to a 20amp?
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    ballast cord getting warm

    What else is on the circuit?What size breaker is it coming off of?
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    ballast cord getting warm

    pulling too many amps for the recepticle
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    How do you fix dry pot? Got too dry on me.

    Ive used Lettuce for over 30yrs now to bring a little moisture back to dry weed.Doesnt leave any kind of taste,just a little moisture,peace,fuzzy
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    The lab of jaws!!

    So what you gonna do with the green crack?Thats another strain we cant get down here.Looking Great J,peace,fuzzy
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    2k diy undercurrent system (first time hydro)

    I have a 350 mag with a filter on the end and use drip clean,peace,fuzzy
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    UC 13XXL...and we're off to the races!!

    Looking Good as usual T!I have a cut of blue dream coming from where your at on the way,I hope.Keep up the Great work,peace,fuzzy
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    The lab of jaws!!

    I have a purple pheno of Insane Jane that are about 5-6ft tall right now in their 2nd week of flower and hits harder than my sour d.thx J,peace,fuzzy
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