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  1. Eskander

    Winterizing To Purify Rso

    No matter what approach you use you have some residual left behind that is % loss. Extracting hot with agitation will always extract more that a cold soak but it will also pull vastly more garbage out too. You will get more waxes and proteins and essentially everything else that isn't...
  2. Eskander

    Winterizing To Purify Rso

    If you have a freezer cold enough for a good winterization then you might give some thought to extracting it it as well. If your dry bud is frozen and then the already cold ethanol is added, nothing that comes out in winterization will get into solution in the first place. You will probably...
  3. Eskander

    Yield vs EtOH Extraction Temperature

    Rotovap is cheaper and better. -Eskander
  4. Eskander

    Quest for the ultimate gummy

    I think he may be getting his numbers confused. Collagen doesn't really start to break down into gelatin until around 160F and doesn't really get going until 180F. Gelatin starts to break down around 200F and doesn't really get going until temps over boiling. On really long time scales you...
  5. Eskander

    Quest for the ultimate gummy

    I've been playing with recipes and trying to find an approach that isn't just functional but is good in all respects. A good gummy should have good flavor, good texture, good shelf life, good appearance and shouldn't be sticky to the touch. I'll be using extract in glycerin because I think the...
  6. Eskander

    Good Recipe for Making Edibles with Trim

    Yes essentially. The oil can dissolve about its own volume in canabanoids so you are never going to saturate it. You will start to build up more crap in it too with sequential passages but two should be fine. The other practical limit is that you don't want it to be so strong that a single...
  7. Eskander

    Good Recipe for Making Edibles with Trim

    You need to use enough solvent (be it oil, ethanol or glycerol) to cover your material. If the solvent you are using has a high capacity to solubilize cannabinoids and a reasonable flow rate (not glycerin on both of those) then you can always wash different sets of trim with the same solvent to...
  8. Eskander

    My name is Eskander and I'm NOT an alcoholic

    Alcoholics go to meetings. I'm a drunk alcohol enthusiast! For all the other booze hounds here, let me show you how good a straight pour can be... Grab some bourbon and dates and toss them in the blender with some pectinase and kieselsol. Blend it well and let it sit for an hour then add...
  9. Eskander

    3D printed breathable small pots

    Printing a 6" diameter one and noticed the drains at the bottom were getting too big so I put up a second version that has more and smaller holes as well. Also added a printable clip for rainbird irrigation. -Eskander
  10. Eskander

    3D printed breathable small pots

    Just black with odd lighting lol
  11. Eskander

    3D printed breathable small pots

    Was playing with some designs and came up with this highly breathable pot for young plants. It is designed to be printed in vase mode so it is a really fast print relative to its size. Scale it up to meet your needs. Print with a thicker nozzle for sturdy prints. Non-slip texture so good if...
  12. Eskander

    Been making my own carts for a couple of months and have some questions...

    I know a guy that had his arms blown off and is a top notch target shooter using nothing but his feet. Loads, adjusts his scope and pulls the trigger with his toes. Pure evil lol... So I can see this a few ways. He is either in the know and is vigorously trying to warn people of a danger or...
  13. Eskander

    Vacuum regulator vs Elitech pump

    I need to upgrade my vacuum pump and I want to be able to control the ultimate vacuum reasonably well. The solutions I’ve come down to are a decent vacuum gauge plus an inline vacuum regulator or this: This seems like a damn sexy solution to the problem and it is actually cheaper than the...
  14. Eskander

    Hello Everyone! Sorry. Didn't mean to yell. :)

    Is the dose important to you? You pretty much have to test in some way if it is. How you extract determines what you can do with it. What do you want to make? -Eskander
  15. Eskander

    Low cost low temp freezer

    Thought some of you might find this useful. I came across it and had my doubts since the description is in marginal English but it seems to do what it says. Dropped to -40 pretty quickly. The freeze button forces the compressor to run non-stop for 48 hours so when you are using under load it...
  16. Eskander

    I really need help in my project of Vape Oil

    If you are running your final step as a deliberate decarb then by the time you hit the temps needed to actually do it, the ethanol has boiled off. What temperature are you getting to and for how long? Also, how are you monitoring the temperature? Edit: Zombie thread eh? -Eskander
  17. Eskander

    3D printed dual input drip ring

    Lol… I think you might be disappointed since he is growing high end edible mushrooms. I don’t think you are going to be moving one of the big ones around casually. Ours is a bit shy of a ton from what I can tell. There are a lot of pieces of lab gear I’d never buy used but an autoclave isn’t...
  18. Eskander

    3D printed dual input drip ring

    Ok, I did some updates and added 1/8 npt compatible versions, stand offs to raise them off the bed and a version with right angled inlets. Choo Choo! We would cook the bags, pull them out and ignore them for a day or 10 and then inoculate with a...
  19. Eskander

    3D printed dual input drip ring

    Feel free to pm me once you get it. I can help you trouble shoot settings so you’ll be up and running in no time. As far as connections, I was just going to use friction fit down the hole for mine but adding quick disconnects with 1/8 npt threads is totally doable. I’ll add variants for that...
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