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  1. surferbum6900

    Tangerine Power - Agent Orange (Tangie Cut) x Blue Power

    Yes! She is dominant for the citrus trait !! Very stable cross !!
  2. surferbum6900

    The six pack formula

    Haha I also have like 15 pounds of jacks still. It's not bad for rock wool. But it would be nice to be. Able to configure things if need be
  3. surferbum6900

    Aptus nutrients

    WOW sick set up. i wanna try out the bio wave so bad!!
  4. surferbum6900

    The six pack formula

    So what's up with the bloom ratios... I wanna make my own micro bloom!
  5. surferbum6900


  6. surferbum6900

    i wanna make GH micro & bloom from raw salts... come talk to me about it

    whats it going to take. the bottle says its derived from magnesium carbonate, magnesium phosphate, phosphoric acid, potassium carbonate, potassium phosphate and potassium sulfate
  7. surferbum6900

    Harlequin x OG

    I love it. I am setting up a breeding tent for harlequin x herijuana ! Good luck, subbed
  8. surferbum6900

    Spores In De Coco-nut

    Subbed good one guys
  9. surferbum6900

    Root Pack Testing

    I agree. I am just not on A1 yet. I am just having tribal with the filial pack.. It has not made my pest problem if anything it has gotten worse. I don't know if I am prepping it right or something. Butthecolection of water is just made it worse. Any help would be great. If you guys want could...
  10. surferbum6900

    Anyone grown C13 Haze?

    Sounds amazing good luck
  11. surferbum6900

    DEVIL KUSH ScrOG 400W GL80

    Looks gat led
  12. surferbum6900

    Bubbashine (Bubba Kush x Blue Moonshine) by Bodhi

    i agree dankworth. grow and ripe only with cal mag and silicate when it comes down to cns17
  13. surferbum6900

    Lucas Formula

    dank worth.. i agree to the fullest. and about using jacks. its 3-2-1 "jacks pro hydro, calcium nitrate, epsome salt" works great!! i use it with caps beneficial's DTW.
  14. surferbum6900

    ACT Microbes

    NICe! i love it
  15. surferbum6900

    Lucas Formula

    hydro rocks- dude im not getting defensive im asking you to explain yourself.. seems you like to just hoard info and talk shit about how everyone is against you.... im not saying your wrong bro. i just want to understand what your saying. i dont even use lucas hahah i run raw salts. just break...
  16. surferbum6900

    DwD's 4k True OG Coco Grow

    Sick! Subbed
  17. surferbum6900

    The six pack formula

    I have been running the jacks combo for a hand full of months and have had the opportunity to use it on many grows and are getting her all dialed in for each strain. Getting back to RO water. Also I will be encorporating Cap's goodies. I'll be here for the long haul Much luv Surferbum
  18. surferbum6900

    The six pack formula

    Hey Tyler I love the thread. I followed you over here from your knowledge of jacks! I'm subbed and ready to learn everything you got to teach
  19. surferbum6900

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    What six pack do you speak of
  20. surferbum6900

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    3,2,1 ratio?
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