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    Oopsie! Police slash research hemp instead of pot

    Dumb asses!
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    Emperors Where they at

    I'm still waiting to hear something about my order. Has anyone received the Emperors yet? I was really excited about running these but I think my chances are getting slim.:sad0047: I hope someone is growing this. That headband will get in my hands one of these days, one way or another.
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    Emperors Where they at

    Waiting on them now...biting my nails daily
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    Yields per plant?

    Music and Chem D are the perfect combo. Music does work...i think:wondering
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    whats good..

    What's good fewture? Welcome to the farm...:smiley_joint:
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    Get Underdawg's on my list:fixed:
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    The male search..........

    Chemdawg D x Killa Queen Chemdawg D x Herijuana
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    need help with my PH pen

    Did it come with a small screwdriver? You probably have to turn the small calibration screws(should be one for 4 and another for 7) while using the solution. This is normal with new ph meters. Use spring or tap for clones, it won't hurt. Humidity is the trick to clones. good luck
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    Double Under Dog

    Nice and heavy!:cool0010: You guys are making my wish list look like a book.
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    Chem4 x Double under dog

    Here's a few: ChemDouble or "CHEMDUB" 4POUND K-9 AttackDawg shmoedawg Dawgcatcher D.M.X for "Dawg multi cross" :evilgrin
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    Passin' the spliff from NYC

    Wassup AshyLarry? still rollin them dice?
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    250 watt hps... help, please

    A 250 is pretty cool burning but can do alot. Don't mess with the box! You may cause yourself electrical problems or worst. Metal halide is great for vegging and can bud too. Hps is the best if you only have one choice. Try a full spectrum bulb like the hortilux eye. It's like having a hps with...
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    why hello fellow growers

    Wassup Bud? This is the place!
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    Shoot out in LA Dispensary... discuss

    Probably the cops trying to make dispensaries look dangerous....or just some dumbass trying to get over.
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    Apothecary og kush

    Any pix of the full plant? Looks good. How does it compare with the others?
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    Massive hybrid strains & cuts reference...

    Wasn't Vic High(BCGA) the original breeder of Killer Queen, Romberry, and Space Queen? I remember buying these strains from HS, back in the days.
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    DNAs Female KushBerry

    :420:Sounds tasty...can't wait to see the results
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    Sticky is Here.

    What's good, Sticky? How can you type like that?:icon_cookie: welcome bro
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    Heya !

    Welcome Sheriff! I feel the same way about most boards. Seems like the net has a bunch of kids fighting over small things rather than growing good plants and helping out the next guy. I think we both found a good spot to hang.
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    Hello THCFarmer

    What's up witchking? Whatcha growing? I see you like getting your hands too:character0103:cya around
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