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    Goat attempts to grow Runtz

    Sunshine #4 comes with RESiLIENCE which is sungro's trade name for silica. Does any one know if this is enough? Or should I plan on adding more?
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    Getting rid of fungus gnats during flower

    This works.
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    Goat attempts to grow Runtz

    First question, is plant ready for top to start main-linning? Where to make cut?
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    Goat attempts to grow Runtz

    Starting my second grow, hoping that I have learned enough to have a smoother experience. There are a lot of changes this time, proper soil, light, nutes, tent and a little knowledge. And right off the bat, I let her get to dry and lost some leaves but she has recovered and is growing well...
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    Lucas Formula, cal/mag and silica

    Trying to simplify things a bit I decided to use Lucas formula for next grow. I'm using RO in perlite ammended sunshine#4. I see from the bottles of Gh floramicro that it has cal at 5.0% and that florabloom has mag at 1.5%. Will this be enough cal/mag with out the addition of a separate cal/mag...
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    Potassium? Something else? Need help.

    Thanks guy's. Ya watering has been my biggest problem. I was afraid to water to runoff because she stayed wet for so long. Watering to runoff for the past month has improved plant some but I hate having this plant wet for a whole week. My next grow is started. I'm using Sunshine#4 this time and...
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    Potassium? Something else? Need help.

    Maybe it doesn't matter at this point of this grow, but I'd still like a little more input. Question is why is lower shaded growth not yellowing as the tops are? Got to be light right?
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    Potassium? Something else? Need help.

    No I cant say that it does. I have some bigger buds that grow at 90 degrees from most of the other growth but nothing turning down. I do have many leaning, thinks its the weight of the buds doing that. Probably weak stems?
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    Potassium? Something else? Need help.

    Soiless (promix) hydroponics similar needs? Promix buffers to 5.2-5.8?
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    Potassium? Something else? Need help.

    A new problem, I think. A couple of pics with what I think is light burn? Growth in the center and shaded seem like there is no problem at all. But where light is strongest/brightest I have continued yellowing. Light was at 13", now at 20".
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    How do i fix this ? What is wrong?

    Sorry OP but I have to know. Could you explain what you mean by swollen leaves? My untrained eyes dont see it.
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    Total newbie at this grow

    I had gnats, someone here told me to top dress with two inches of perlite. Worked great. The idea is that the mature gnats cant get through the perlite to lay eggs and life cycle is broken. You have the room for it.
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    Brown/Yellow specs on a couple of leaves

    I dont have very much experience, so wait for others to chime in. I think that after 8 weeks, what ever nute charge soils had is likely depleted. Did you spray neem on foliage with lights on? How often and how much water? You should add support ticket items, 1. Are you growing from seed or...
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    Help first time grower

    JulianY413, not trying to an ass but take the advice your given and then read up on it. You've gotten some conflicting advice here. Verify, question, confirm.
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    Help with Water---- For Humidifier

    XxHammer, hang onto your ultrasonic. I bought two of those equate humidifiers. Both failed, ending up with dry filters. Nothing I did kept them working, including taking out filters and saturating them.
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    Potassium? Something else? Need help.

    I need some clarification, my run off PH remains at 5.6. Which is within what Promix says it should be ( 5.2-5.8 ). So this should be where I need to be right? Considering soiless should fall within 5.5 to 6.5 according to this chart, What I'm asking is if this soil PH being in range is good...
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    Just Starting New Guy Here

    Dont sleep on the cloth bags suggestion, bucket has been a disaster for me.
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    Using FF trio or I now have GH trio, do these contain carbonates and bicarbonates. I have been adding nutes and then PH the solution(with ph-up or down), is this not the correct way? And does it really matter if I'm growing in promix or sunshine #4? I keep seeing that these mediums will buffer...
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    Sorry, RO from a roadside water kiosk. Has a ppm of 2 to 10.
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    I'm sure you have answered this question before, one more time please. Is it that adding nutes adds alkalinity or are you adding something else to first raise alkalinity and then nutes?
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