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  1. Confuten1

    Grow Room A/C

    And when he says done right , thats an understatement. Hes done several rooms for me. Jon gets down and is an expert in HVAC growroom design and implementation. What up @CannabisJohn
  2. Confuten1

    Cookies And Cream (harvest Pics)

    outstanding @GrowBot.
  3. Confuten1

    True Hermie?

    Yea man, when I see nuts that early I usually toss the plant. Suks bro I kno but you and your room are much better off without that headache. confu
  4. Confuten1

    Third Round Same Probleem .

    dude, I only got thru the first 3 pages so forgive me if someone already addressed this: You need to hit your plant with your normal feed schedule till there is runoff collect the runoff, check the runoff E.c. If your runoff is alot higher than the initial input like 50% more consider flushing...
  5. Confuten1

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Just a few of the last seed run. still going thru them all ORANGE COOKIES Tahoe Fighter Exotic TahoeFighter Swamp Boyz Tina Danza Devine FireOGxHellsAngelOG
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    And keep it in a dry double sealed container. If moisture gets to it it clumps up bad.
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    Main thing is pour whatever amount into a gatorade bottle half full of water then shake the shit out of it till it fully desolves then pour into rezzie. If not it will jus float on top of ur rezzie.
  8. Confuten1

    The Xplode Plant Experiment

    This is not Ideal dude! Although plants do devlope more branches, the end result is smaller buds that sometimes dont seem to feel out. Ive done this on more than one ocassion, always with dissipointing results. Confu
  9. Confuten1

    From The Ground Up, Let's Go!

    On point my dude!! confu
  10. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    its on the 1st or 2nd page @Fresh Starts , i think its sounds like yours is rated lower than mine tho. I think the last batch i got was 1500k. Do you foliar with urs? confu
  11. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    yea what @Kygiacomo said, ive used a lil more but I think it was a waist. confu
  12. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    lookin dam good dude! confu
  13. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    @Kygiacomo, right on dude,i been wanting to add some aloe, where do u source yours from and at what rate do u add it?thnx confu
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    @bb74, glad this inspires you man but my suggestion is to do both at the same time. ill be harvesting soon, ill do my best to remember to take my camera so i can take some photos of my 7 foot overgrown trees. thanks for stopping by. confu
  15. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    Ive been buying it buy the kilo for 175$ so thats lik 17cents per gram, i been using more than the above post now too. looks like this is gonna be the best harvest ever. something to this stuff. Been also giving it too my friends sick plants(dead ugly roots) between regalia and chito, plants...
  16. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    yes sir, ive been using larger doses now 2 with good results. confu
  17. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    I havent used it for a cube soak( but that sounds like a good idea) but i start applying itti their feed regime omce the cutts have roots. Ill apply chitosan atleast once a week but usually twice. Confu
  18. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    I use it at 1 TBS per 10 gallons for drench application with good success. Confu
  19. Confuten1

    Chitin + Tea

    Because i read that one of the benifits of Chitosan is that it breaks down the cell wall of fungus, I donot apply with my teas, seems counter productive to me. I apply chitosan twice a week now and teas once a week in between. Chitosan is no joke and lives up to the hype. I had stem rot on...
  20. Confuten1

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    @delae632 , these are some of the products that have chitosan in them read leadsleds post above confu
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