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  1. ImpulsiveGrower

    African Black Magic/ Ituri Norie

    Elaborate on the research you did to come to this? Also I doubt if any seed bank grows out the seeds they get from the different breeders…
  2. ImpulsiveGrower

    ~3x3 300watt Organic grow~ OG Kush!

    Weekend update: I did some defoliation and some more LST and they are looking lush and green once again! One I’m training symmetrical pulling the branches outward making a nice round circle and the other I’m experimenting on as I’ve trained more branches to the outsides on both ends giving more...
  3. ImpulsiveGrower

    First Time Grower - Paranoia Brain Dump

    Your probably micromanaging your garden right now and that’s not right. This is supposed to be fun, relaxing, hell even therapeutic. This can cause a situation where you kill your plants with love. Most of the time you really just need to leave them the hell alone to do their thing. Don’t go...
  4. ImpulsiveGrower

    Loss of terpenes color taste and smell

    Please elaborate as I use gypsum as my cal/Mag supplement. I’m a new grower so I wish I could help. My temps and RH were in a similar range. They smoke smooth and taste good and also smell good. I have noticed however some strains come out better than others. I grew 4 different ones and one did...
  5. ImpulsiveGrower

    New to led lighting 4x8 tent

    Love the LED technology these days! I’ve been out of the loop for like a decade and my state went legal and I came back to the cannabis space and love how good the LED are and how affordable they are as well. When I heard about this tech ten years ago they were all blurple, not well accepted by...
  6. ImpulsiveGrower

    Greetings Cultivators - My First Go at Grow

    You’re killing it man foreal!! I do think you may have fed them to much tho but time will tell. You got bloom nutes and a booster and then the fish bone meal that stuff can be strong a little goes a long way. Don’t go too crazy thinking more is better. I can’t wait to see you finish this grow...
  7. ImpulsiveGrower

    Growing again after 10 years - CFL

    You’re on the right track now with that spider farmer light. You thought you had decent results before just wait. The led technology has come quite a long way and also affordable. I got great results with a 100 watt viparspectra but im running the sf-1000 for an indoor grow so I can’t wait to...
  8. ImpulsiveGrower

    Is my tent too small

    Ya I’m wondering what this grow looks like now can OP give us an update? Pics?
  9. ImpulsiveGrower

    Are these babies trying to hermaphrodite

    Nice grow! You got a dedicated room? What lights are you running? Looks really good in there 🤘
  10. ImpulsiveGrower

    First time grower Leaves drooping?!

    I’m a fairly new grower myself and this is how I go about watering. First of all I keep a journal near by where I can write it the date and what I did that day. I measure out my water so for instance right now I’m giving my plants 1/4 gal or 32oz of water every 3 days (72 hrs). Now I can easily...
  11. ImpulsiveGrower

    Very Slight Leaf Tip Burn

    You’re doing great man your riding the edge and pushing them you will be alright just cut back slightly. Excited to see the end result you’re basically on auto pilot now you got this!!
  12. ImpulsiveGrower

    Is it better to do a light per plant?

    Ya man im doing a light per plant scenario this next run. Im growing different strains at once so I can adjust each light for each plant and optimize light coverage/penetration. So I’ll have a 240watt quantum board for each. I also have a Mars hydro FC-E3000 300 watt bar led I’ll be using in...
  13. ImpulsiveGrower

    African Black Magic/ Ituri Norie

    I think he’s referring to no one else besides his seed plug has grown or seen this strain in 30 years…Ppl find one little word in your sentence and twist it around you know what he meant… When I spoke to him he was a chill dude and answer all my questions. He gets most of his seeds from this old...
  14. ImpulsiveGrower

    ~3x3 300watt Organic grow~ OG Kush!

    Hey fam quick update on the OG kush. I have begun doing some LST to start making the plants wider and more flat and even. I’ve tied each plant on 4 places at the moment. The two branches where I have topped and the 2 right below. As for the bottom branching I’m letting them grow out a bit more...
  15. ImpulsiveGrower

    My First Ever Grow! All Autos!

    They are looking good man that light also looks interesting what brand and how many watts does it pull?
  16. ImpulsiveGrower

    Fast moving mites on my soil! Are they beneficial?

    Hey guys starting my next run and I’m using the same brand of living soil. I checked where I planted my seed and seen a shit load of little grey looking mites. They are fast moving tho I figure they were already in the soil. Are they ok? I’m not to alarmed but want a second opinion from my farm fam!
  17. ImpulsiveGrower

    White widow auto flower 4x4

    I should rephrase… use atleast 100 watts for the 2x2 space. If I had my way I would go for 200 watts but do what you can afford. If I did run a 200 watt fixture she would’ve produced even more… good luck I’m here if you need any other questions answered ✌️
  18. ImpulsiveGrower

    White widow auto flower 4x4

    Yes it’s a 2x2 tent rocking only 100 watts!! The viparspectra p1000. I’m Forsure gonna pull over 2 oz on that plant maybe 2 1/2… that’s my cheap set up for my girl and I got my money’s worth! Only a little fan blowing air around and that was it I left the tent unzipped most the time bc of heat...
  19. ImpulsiveGrower

    My First Ever Grow! All Autos!

    I LST my autos for even light coverage to all the budsites… bend em over nice and easy and tie em down and your good to go! Here’s my LST white widow auto
  20. ImpulsiveGrower

    White widow auto flower 4x4

    I wouldn’t top I would just bend over and do a lot of LST. Here’s a pic of my white widow autoflower and I just did a lot of trainin. Topping is high stress and can stunt growth. I’m a new grower and I’ve ran photoperiod and autos and I’m impressed with the results of just training and not...
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