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  1. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    These are patiently waiting for the flower tent. lol Need me another tent it looks like.
  2. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Begin Week 8, Day 50. A bit about this Strain from the web: Seedbank..... Kalashnikov Seeds Gender..... Feminised Variety..... Hybrid (40/60 - 60/40) Type of flowering..... Photoperiod Flowering time (indoors)..... 6-7 weeks THC..... Very High THC (over 20%) CBD content..... Low Yield...
  3. 11Hick11

    Harvest timing in relation to watering cycle

    If its dry & humidity is low I would wait till after you water and cut the plant whole. This would slow the dry time.
  4. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Day 46
  5. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Ya im at about 80% too. Turned it all the way up and they dried out quick and i didn't catch it until they were fully drooped. When they bounced back they started turning yellow. I fed them with MOAB on week 1. Half the recommended amount. Maybe thats why they are fatter ??
  6. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Week 5 - Day 30 from flip Little bit of yellowing of the fan leaves. Time to see some bulking up hopefully.
  7. 11Hick11

    Having issues with plant in flowering stage

    How's the rest of the plant look? Any more info about the grow? How much light & how close, How hot in tent, etc? To me I see heat stress, overwater & to much on the nutes.
  8. 11Hick11

    Grove bags,drying, curing opinions

    Just got the 1lb pack in. Anyone know if you can use a big bag and have less product in it and if it still works properly?
  9. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    GG1xFF grew some nuts so I chopped it down.😠
  10. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Day 14 Also, Sour D showed herself today👍
  11. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Day 11. Also some in Veg for tent #3 in a month or so and those are "Bag Seeds" Key Lime Pie, Sour D, Tropicana Cookies & Ice Cream Cake. Also the 2 bigger ones are GG1x FF that ill put in with this tent in 2 more weeks. I'm checking to see if the GG1&FF in Flower now is going to herm. If so I'm...
  12. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Its at 28" now and running at about 75% just for the first 2 weeks then I turn it up each week a bit. At week 6 its at 100%.
  13. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Day 8
  14. 11Hick11

    I could use any help possible on this

    The tip burn is from over feeding and the rusty spots and yellowing look like calcium & magnesium deficiencies. Some more info on your grow would help to try and figure things out.
  15. 11Hick11

    GG#1 x Forest Fire & GSC x Forest Fire seed run

    These Kuban's and 1 GG1 x FF are in flower now...Finally! I have enough seeds for life now so hopefully NO more lol.
  16. 11Hick11

    Flower Tent #2 Under HLG-350R

    Lets do this again, this time hopefully I don't have a herm. Day 1 was 6/9 Soil = Roots Organic 3 Gal pots are 3 Kuban Killer's & the other is a cross I made of GG#1 x Forest Fire
  17. 11Hick11

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  18. 11Hick11

    Harvest time baby its time

    NICE! Looks like a good yield. What strains did you cut down?
  19. 11Hick11

    Why does this girl have such fat leaves and nute

    In Veg light is set either 18/6 to 24 and Flower is usually 12/12, 11/13. What does 16/8 light cycle do?
  20. 11Hick11

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

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