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  1. shaganja

    CALMAG where did this nutrient come from, and most importantly...why?

    In weed groups, the post "whats wrong with my plant" always has advise to use calmag. So, my question is, out of all the micro and macro nutrients, why did someone decide to join calcium and magnesium? What if you only need mag? Or only need magnesium? What then? Why isn't there copper/iron? Or...
  2. shaganja


    Do you have way more seeds than you can grow? Does your wife tell you to stop buying them? Will you prolly still keep buying more? Lol if that's you, show us your seed addiction, I mean collection! Mine is small compared to some.
  3. shaganja

    No till regenerative

    Hello guys and girls. I've never introduced, so I am a a fifth year continuous grower. I am 45. Been smoking on and off, since age 14. Been cooking food since age 14. Went to school for it in grand rapids Michigan. Currently own a food trailer called gourmet grub. Used to have...
  4. shaganja

    SEEDLING EATING WORMS!!!!!!????!!!!!

    This is the second time this has happened. What is this little worm that is eating my seedlings? This time it was a mix of two seedling soils I picked up at hardware store. Last time it was a miracle grow seedling soil. This time, black gold, and I forget the other one. But both are seedlings...
  5. shaganja

    Girl scout cookies

    Live in north Michigan, and first time tasting the cookie line. Mooseknuckle jockey from exotic genetics. Wow! I understand the popularity just from the flavor! Wanna pick up some original cookie now. And also just tasted a zkittlez x sunset sherbert. It tastes almost exact as the moose. The...
  6. shaganja


    Has anybody seen the subpod? It's a milkcrate buried in the soil with a lid. You put in your compost stuff, and the worms come get it and give us fresh castings! Really expensive for a milk crate, but gave me great idea for my underground greenhouse. Gonna make a raised bed, and bury laundry...
  7. shaganja

    breeding. two camps. modern elites, and classic cultivars. where do you sit?

    as i listen to potcast shows and read forums, and speak with fellow farmers, i have come to the concensus that there appears to be two camps of thought when it comes to breeding. we have our modern breeder who is looking for exotic tastes and high thc. and we have our old school/medicinal...
  8. shaganja

    what are you cracking for 2020 outdoor?! so excited for michigans season!!

    pretty pumped for this 2020 summer season! live up north, so we crack em now for outdoor end of may. hopefully the frost will go earlier this year. its been a pretty easy winter. anyway, am cracking way more than i have room for, but usually give em away to friends who wanna grow in the summer...
  9. shaganja

    bottled compost teas.

    hey guys and girls, do you use compost tea? do you make it? do you buy the bottled teas? some say if its in a bottle, its not tea. do they work as good as bubbles in a bucket? give me the downlow. should i make my own or buy the bottled stuff?
  10. shaganja

    magnificent mile

    has anyone ran mag mile? its a iranian indica. it is fast flower like doc greenthumbs iranian. however the numbers are higher. thc is mid twenties. would love to get my hands on a high thc, fast flower, landrace!
  11. shaganja

    Foxfarm beans

    using foxfarm ocean forest. Clean soil. Not reused. I have two sativa looking seedlings coming out the air holes! Lol am gonna keep em, as soon as they can be be cloned. Hey foxfarm, what strain is this?
  12. shaganja


    hey guys and girls. at 15 to 20 dollars a bag, for soil, indoor growing is becoming very expensive. what mediums do you use indoor? how much does it cost? i love the terps from composted (living) soil, is there a better medium to use that still can provide dank smells and flavors? i also use...
  13. shaganja

    air pots and co2

    if use co2 and air pots, does that do anything wrong for the roots? since co2 drops, and the air holes around the pot? will take from the o2 the roots need?
  14. shaganja

    used dirt + new dirt = claws. how to fix?

    the title says it all. i had no cash to buy new soil, so mixed some old living soil, with some new. smokin tomatoes brand out of michigan. two of my plants have nute wilt, claw leafs, on two branches of the mainline. wierd both p!ants are affected the same. it is only happening on couple stalks...
  15. shaganja

    ptsd tramatic brain injury strain

    am curious is anyone working on medical strains for ptsd? i have a few freinds that have been over, and have come back really needing to find the calm inside. i just recently found acapulco gold, is a calming strain if you can believe that for a pure sativa. am now on the lookout for other...
  16. shaganja

    emerald triangle nutrients

    have been shopping for nutes. my first time using them. i have always used living soil. but i like landraces, and i was told they need extra help to get there. have been online looking at all the big names. advanced, and the others. then i found the humbolts best site, and this page looks very...
  17. shaganja

    Greenhouse Covering That Lets Uv's In!

    hey guys. i hope im in the right area. am redoing my greenhouse this year, and am looking for a film that doesnt block uv rays. it seems most companies have uv treatment. even the big names. new shit has hit the fan! uv is goooooood for cannabis. (in moderate doses) so, does anyone have the...
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