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  1. TerriR

    Outdoor screen house - 2020 planning

    I recently saw a video where a guy built a structure (wood) around his outdoor grow area and covered it in shade cloth. This year, he has zero caterpillars! I used an overhead shade cloth this year due to high temps this idea would take care of reducing outdoor temps, too. This was not...
  2. TerriR

    How will I know when my bud is ready to harvest?

    check this on a regular basis and compare to yours.
  3. TerriR

    Flower tea recipe

    saw this somewhere...thinking I might try it next year: 1 c bone meal 1/2 c blood meal 1 c liquid kelp 1 c oyster shell flour 1/2 c Alaska fish fert 1/2 c black strap molasses half a banana peel add to 5 gal water yum!
  4. TerriR

    Team grow - Firefly clones

    ATM, my favorite strain is Irie Firefly. I was able to grow one female this year...which is not adequate so I took some clones before she started to flower. All the clones are doing great, so I am thinking I will do a grow diary from start to finish with gnat’s a$$ detail...with your help. I...
  5. TerriR

    Cannabis as a superfood

    Interesting news and an option for those males!
  6. TerriR

    Grow diary featuring my irrational obsession with Hawaiian strains

    Visited Hawai’i once upon a time and enjoyed some best-I-evah-had smoke. Been a fan ever since, so was delighted to receive these Orange Budder beans. My annual outdoor grow is already well under way and not certain I have time to grow and harvest them outside, so keeping open the idea of...
  7. TerriR

    Late flower supplements - let’s discuss

    Anybody use Bembe or Cha-Ching or any of those late flower sweetener/resin enhancers? I have used both but not sure if it makes a difference. Opinions and recommendations welcome!
  8. TerriR

    Favorite strains 2019

    Don’t see a recent update for favorite strains and I know there’s a lot of news on this give us your report! What’s good? What’s f*icking awesome? What isn’t worth the effort?
  9. TerriR

    Question About Trimming Kolas

    Hello, I am new to growing...2nd grow, 1st outdoor. My plants are YUGE and flowering. Should I trim off all the extra leaves (see pic) so that the flowers have unobstructed air/light? Thanks for your expert advice!
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