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  1. Sparky1980

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Plus some 12 foot sunflowers I've got in the yard, lol.
  2. Sparky1980

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Here's my little girls
  3. Sparky1980

    Fresh to death, thank you, ILGM

    Here's her evil twin. Topped twice, nuthin but hot TEXAS sun, a lil TLC, and water. LOL, lots of water in this heat...
  4. Sparky1980

    Fresh to death, thank you, ILGM

    Can you count the tops? I see at least eight, lol! Good pot, a quiet night, good friends...
  5. Sparky1980

    Fresh to death, thank you, ILGM

    Ugh, that $hit stinks up the house when I bring her in for pics...
  6. Sparky1980

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    Absolutely gorgeous.
  7. Sparky1980

    Best Strains You’ve Grown And Most Trusted Breeders?

    I've seen some shade thrown on ILGM as of late, but I've had nothing but success with their genetics IMO. Caught a wild hair a couple years ago and ran some of their blueberry autos - it was the diggity-dank. This year I've got three of their photo Super Skunks outdoors in the SW USA. Their heat...
  8. Sparky1980

    7 week critical purple “autos” not flowering. Switch to 12/12?

    I'm just talking bout the itty-bitty baby seedlings. And among those, no more than 5 plants. This is why I love The Farm, so much growing experience condensed in one spot, lol.
  9. Sparky1980

    Hey guys i need a trained eye.

    Need more info, my friend. Medium, environment, age, feed, etc. But from first glance, I wouldn't sweat it. Just maintain Ph, watering and a little TLC.
  10. Sparky1980

    7 week critical purple “autos” not flowering. Switch to 12/12?

    In my experience, seedlings need less RH than advertised. Aa long as you mist them with h20 a couple times a day and watch the temps, you'll be fine. They're absorbing h20 via their leaves and stems, so foliar misting has worked well for me. I'm no expert, just anecdotal observations from my...
  11. Sparky1980

    Transplant shock or too much sun?

    That's what I love about growing outdoors. The plants will TELL you when it's time to water. You just have to read the signs - and they're fairly blatant about it. Sagging, wilting, sad. Perky, happy, vibrant. The heat is a big factor, however. In the SW United States, the heat is a killer. Just...
  12. Sparky1980

    feeling overwhelmed with my new grow not sure what to do please help

    Definitely pistils and girl-parts, lol. Definitely 2 X chromosomes. Good job, bro. Keep it up, bro. Not a veteran, so I'll defer to @Aqua Man. But way to go so far!
  13. Sparky1980

    Harvest in two weeks?? First Grow

    Give it two weeks. You'll be glad you did. Great job so far. Looks happy, healthy and gorgeous, my friend.
  14. Sparky1980

    Indoor to outdoor what changes to expects?

    Agreed. Way too many variables. Hardening off and then length of daylight would be my first concerns. Also temps and humidity. I've got a few super skunks that seem to have no problem going from leds to sunlight, but they were germinated outside and I put them in shade before going full sun if I...
  15. Sparky1980

    7 week critical purple “autos” not flowering. Switch to 12/12?

    I ran autos twice. Both times had to flip them to 12/12 after only seeing a couple pistils after 7 weeks. Guess I had photo-leaning genetics. Strange, because the beans were from a very reputable, expensive seed bank.
  16. Sparky1980

    Advice finishing my first grow

    Looks fantastic, man. Very happy and healthy. Great job.
  17. Sparky1980

    Neem oil did a number on my plants

    Me too. Cooked some outdoors with the neem by spraying when sun was out. Never again! I've found that Capt. Jack's dead bug spinosad powder works wonders in place of neem. The leafhoppers hate it, lol.
  18. Sparky1980

    Help!!! First time grower !!!! Please…

    Shake it off and try again bro. Use plenty of perlite and when you water, water the whole pot. Don't use ANY nutes for at least the first 5 weeks and keep the temps in the 70s F.
  19. Sparky1980

    Help!!! First time grower !!!! Please…

    Taps slowly playing in the background...
  20. Sparky1980

    Younger fan leaves are different

    Absolutely normal. 9 bladed fan leaves are a good thing - shows health and vigor. It's when you start seeing 3 and 1 bladed fans that's cause for concern.
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