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  1. vince vega

    High from NRI

    Blaze is deff speaking he truth. It's a shit-show. I've read the rules. It doesn't make sense. I'd like to hear from even one person who is growing legally. I need to move to RI...
  2. vince vega

    Anyone Apply For Caregiver Card Under The Hardship Provision?

    Curious about how many people applied, whether they were approved or not, and any other details about how the process works or doesn't work. Thanks for the info
  3. vince vega

    The Flood Gates Are Open (patient Registrations)

    Hey Dawg, I was curious if you got the hardship caregiver license. I'm wondering if anyone out here has gotten it and how it's going for them. Might start a new thread asking the same. thx
  4. vince vega

    High from NRI

  5. vince vega

    Current Mass caregivers are going to be

    I asked for comment on this elsewhere before realizing the subject deserves it's own thread. I'm wondering what people who've set up grows in Mass are going to do when the rules come down and you're not allowed to grow. Is this a done-deal? Only hardship cases? Even talk of subsidized meds for...
  6. vince vega

    High from NRI

    Hello People. Happy for Mass but I'd like to know if anyone wants to chime in on the caregiver situation that is coming soon when the laws take affect. These caregiver rules are ass. As far as I can tell they expect dispensaries to grow their own and for almost nobody allowed to grow for...
  7. vince vega

    Mmj in assachusetts

    What's the plant count?
  8. vince vega

    UC8XL under LED

    Been away for a bit. I'm glad TK is setting shit straight I've never heard more sound advice.
  9. vince vega

    12 x 1000 watt XXL 8'x24' SCROG

    Man I hate to sound like a dick but wtf did I just read? At the risk of interrupting a running log of money being thrown at imagined problems (while bacteria laden well water is killing whole crops) I have to speak up. Fuck. You don't need stainless steel undercurrent's and custom made fucking...
  10. vince vega

    RI plant count limits for caregiver with many patients???

    Thanks for everyone chiming-in. Ham seems to know his shit and while I will follow-up with his contact at ripac my guess is he's right-on. Thanks Ham! So... 24 veg 36 flower is a pant-load! I have some really sick people I'm launching a grow for. I have back issues which aint shit compared to...
  11. vince vega

    RI plant count limits for caregiver with many patients???

    I have read differing opinions on this. Also read the actual release from the health dept and still not clear on this. 12 in flower and 12 in veg for a cardholder. That is simple enough. As a caregiver you can have 12. I interpret this as 12 total for a caregiver not 12 per patient. As a...
  12. vince vega

    east coast cultured solutions UC12XL

    Wow. Digging the look of those Dead-head colas. Very nice work my-man.
  13. vince vega

    Uc12xl13 9k sealed

    Medman's point seems to have been lost in the shuffle. Ph a little higher will make the cal mag "available". The amount in the mix is not a factor if its not fully available. Also it's hard for me to overlook anything that the squirrel from the desert has to say. The guy is smarter than anyone...
  14. vince vega

    east coast cultured solutions UC12XL

    Nice work medman. Repping the east nicely. Thanks for sharing.
  15. vince vega

    I pull 1.5 lbs per 1kw with the UC

    I'm also wondering about the UC and whether it was my best bet. Thats where all similarities to this ass-hat end. rufkm? You read all the threads I have. You know the answer to your question before you asked us to "confirm". The system is supercharged growing...things happen fast good and...
  16. vince vega

    Few Tables..

    As always great, better than great, stellar work. Amazing detail in pics and info, even lab work. Fucking astonished. 24.76 thc is ringing the bell. If I ever do grow up, I would like to be you.
  17. vince vega

    How To Properly Root And Veg In The Uc

    Hey DS, Been away for a few days and just saw your response. Thanks for the knowledge. The difference between 25 days and 52 is mind-bending. I'm so impressed I might have peed just a lil bit. Not sure if you are comfortable talking yeild but I'm def. comfy finding out. :o) Curious about a...
  18. vince vega

    How To Properly Root And Veg In The Uc

    I'm proud to say I figured out how to add to your rep... not bad for a dufus. :o) Thanks again for sharing the know-how.
  19. vince vega

    The Mortgage Lifter

    Holy shit...the devils weed? really? no offense but there are parts of this country that are straight-up a half century behind the rest of us. A snob much?:icon_animal26:
  20. vince vega

    A few shots of my rooms growing in Beds with some new strains WIFI X SOUR D and...

    I've wanted to compliment your work but hate reading pages of boot-licking, no matter how well deserved; it gets me. :hi So I am stoked to have a question to ask so I can finally pay some respect. You my friend (I wish), are a bad-bad man. Holy fuck Batman. With all you've got...
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