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    buds not developing, hairs dying way too early

    Bayer, with imidacloprid,(sp) Kills them good
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    skywalker og turning yellow ,fading too early

    Are you perpetual?
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    60 X 1000 Watts Under Current Hydro 20 Tons Of Ac And Some Co2

    Well, without kicking the dog.. If the UC is all that and a bag of doritos, isn't it odd that a guy would move away from it?
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    Brass Monkey here!

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    NEWBIE ! Hello im tipper

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    16k Watts Over 24 Site Ucxxl13

    That is a tidy setup
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    New BioWave Harmonic Plant Stomata Dilator

    I would say the same, and will come back in a few weeks with more non science, if I think it has improved our performance. The mite thing however, I saw a mite on a plant Saturday and thought "I will spray Monday" came back and it was dead like osama today. Weird. I don't post much as...
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    UC actual available nutrient profiles

    was leaning that way, you have pushed me over the edge. thx will update in a few days
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    New BioWave Harmonic Plant Stomata Dilator

    Yeah, I know Not enough posts. I am a lurker
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    New BioWave Harmonic Plant Stomata Dilator

    Just installed one per room on Friday, sounds like a fan. No kidding, I had mites on one plant on Saturday, was to lazy to spray it. This morning the mites were dead. I know that is Patti science, but?
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    UC actual available nutrient profiles

    If this is an inappropriate place to ask, just say so. You talk about the ph rising and why, thanks for the insight. How many days into the UC does that phenom start manifesting itself? I ask because my first round got root aphids, evil little bastards. Just started second round 5 days...
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    Additives in UC

    A buddy is trying to convince me on Ionic. What's the deal on it?
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    How to Properly clean your UC system

    Bleach bleach bleach
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    whats the goin rate for trimmers this year?

    What State?
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    Draining the UC system

    first try the pump close to the epi-center for a couple seconds. If it doesn't do anything take the pump back.
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