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  1. Mr Bee

    Not sure should I harvest now

    I would say no.still lots of fresh pistols.give it another 10 days to see how it is then.
  2. Mr Bee

    Second Hand Smoke At A Distance

    I severely doubt it
  3. Mr Bee

    New grower here and need a lot of help

    Exactly. Water/feed when required not when it's convenient for you. The roots like a soil that has a lot of air in it. If your constantly soaking it without giving the soil the wet dry cycle it needs your just going to drown your roots.drowned roots equals fucked shoots.
  4. Mr Bee

    New grower here and need a lot of help

    If your in soil get organic nutes asap. A bottle of grow and a bottle of I said keep it simple for now.
  5. Mr Bee

    Has my flowers stop growing

    Patience my young padawan. They will grow. Just keep doing what needs done and the plants will do the same.sometimes plants will grow in spurts. Keep it simple.
  6. Mr Bee

    Is it bad, Doc? flower mdiagnosis

    Looks like it could be light burn from the heat.
  7. Mr Bee

    New grower here and need a lot of help

    You need to let the soil dry out à good bit between waterings. If those nutes you have aren't organic buy some basic organic grow and bloom nutes. Keep it simple while your trying to learn.
  8. Mr Bee

    New grower here and need a lot of help

    So you have just been giving plain water? I'm not familiar with general hydro nutes.are they organic?
  9. Mr Bee

    New grower here and need a lot of help

    How often are you watering?
  10. Mr Bee

    Anyone know what this is?

    Dont know what it is. I know its not spider mites, thrips or aphids looks like somethings been at your leaves though in the first pic.
  11. Mr Bee

    Quick question about scissor hash

    I just scrape it off with my nails when it gums up my scissors
  12. Mr Bee

    My first error but not a mistake

    Is that a reveg?
  13. Mr Bee

    Name the bug please and thanks 🙏🏼

    Yes I think that's a thrip. iv never had em though so can't say for sure.
  14. Mr Bee

    Is it possible to over oxygenate to plants?

    Also 2 air stones is fine. It won't do any harm getting more oxygen into the water.
  15. Mr Bee

    Is it possible to over oxygenate to plants?

    Don't add anything to the water until your just about to use it.just let it bubble with only the air stones. If your in soil and it's just freshly popped seedlings just give water for a few days. If your new to growing buy some organic grow and bloom and just stick with that until you get a...
  16. Mr Bee

    Yellow tips very slow growth

    Just keep watering and letting the medium dry out à good bit between waterings. You don't want the soil bone dry like it looks in the pics want it just moist .too dry will damage the will too wet. It's a balance you need to try and get.its not difficult though.
  17. Mr Bee

    First time grower harvest help

    It's hard to say for sure under that light but it looks like I'm seeing some fresh pistils so probably has a bit more to go. How many weeks has it been in bloom? Next time top and train your plants multiple times and lower your light.looks like that one stretched for the light. I would suggest...
  18. Mr Bee

    Wanted Plant help it’s dying!

    I wouldn't flush it just now.dont water the soil or spray until the soil has dried out considerably .you need to water then let soil dry until it's only just moist and no more then water and repeat. The roots like a lot of oxygen in the root zone so keeping the soil permanently wet drowns the roots.
  19. Mr Bee

    First Grow White Widow Question

    My rule of thumb is If they say 8 weeks go 9.if they say 9 weeks go 10. 41 days is far to early to atleast 2 weeks
  20. Mr Bee

    Best lighting time for auto's.

    I concur with greenthumb og
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