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  1. tobh

    What are you listening to right now?

    RIP Joey Jordison. One of the greatest drummers ever to live now among many other great artists.
  2. tobh

    Converting a shipping container to underground grow space

    pulling up with some 🍿and the expectation that this thread goes nowhere. general observations so far: - big project without clearly defined scope - problems identified early on with no clear solutions, because of lack of scope - realizations that lighting, humidity, heat, cooling, ventilation...
  3. tobh

    Honerable Linage, ten years breeding/hunting phenos

    looks like screenshots from a dark web post. @JohnHLinage vielleicht nicht in so unklaren Begriffen als neuer Benutzer hier posten.
  4. tobh

    I'm pissed. Neighbors, BS. Please advice

    Whole reason I avoided (and still avoid) digital ballasts. Not only because of all the different stories about cable/phone techs picking up the signal in the line and knowing exactly what was causing it, but I run too much sensitive equipment to be fuckin around with a metal box sending out...
  5. tobh

    Hemp farmin 2021 on a budget

    gotta love the conservative types in this region. like the mf'ers never smoked BC bud back in the 90s, or have that nephew cooking meth in the back 40.
  6. tobh

    I'm pissed. Neighbors, BS. Please advice

    Been designing a system for a while to set up in the living room just like this. Figure for lettuces and herbs, it'll do great. NFT for the win.
  7. tobh

    I'm pissed. Neighbors, BS. Please advice

    yeah, i can relate. Only reason I ever go back to NM is to visit my mom, and I haven't done that in two years. Can't stand the place. Food is amazing, everything else is shit.
  8. tobh

    I'm pissed. Neighbors, BS. Please advice

    yall making hawaii sound like new mexico. garbage state with garbage govt.
  9. tobh

    Hemp farmin 2021 on a budget

    right behind ya man. gonna be throwing some clones outside this weekend. won't get much off em, but better than the monsters i had last year that caused problems with the neighbors.
  10. tobh

    I'm pissed. Neighbors, BS. Please advice

    truth. wasted brain cycles man. could be thinking about other things, like figuring out how to knock out Joey Jordison's drum solo from back in the Subliminal Verses days.
  11. tobh

    I'm pissed. Neighbors, BS. Please advice

    Right there with you on the religious bullshit man. Funny how atheists tend to be the kindest, most giving people, yet the religious zealots are the first with their hands out and first to pass judgment while last to consider helping a fellow man back onto his feet. Tithing and all that other...
  12. tobh

    What the F*** is happening?!?! HELP!!

    Keep in mind DE is useless once it gets wet, so you'll need to do multiple applications for particularly aggressive pest infestations.
  13. tobh

    I need Advice- Were being Evicted from our Apartment....

    I'd be careful citing laws unless you and your cohabitant (obviously not the infant) are legally versed, ie law school learned. However, AZ is unique in their inhabitant laws given the insane heat down there. I lived in Phoenix for a while and the laws are... interesting, so you likely are the...
  14. tobh

    First outdoor grow in the free, open air.

    +1 I see no fencing/trellising in place. You're gonna want to get on that STAT. When they start to set on weight, you're gonna end up with a bunch of dirty donkey dicks. No one wants bud full of dirt. Look up some of the big outdoor grows here if you've not done outdoor before. It's rudimentary...
  15. tobh

    POTM Nominations - Jul 2021

    Post: Grower: @Feuerfrei Strain: blue dream
  16. tobh

    Suggestions for indoor grow lights for a 100sq ft room? preferably LED

    gavitas or hlg. i'm not a big LED light person, personally i'd run HID in such a space due to cost, but gavita and hlg make some really impressive gear if one's got budget for em.
  17. tobh

    tobh's thread about whatever

    Damn.. no traction on this thread. Looks like this forum doesn't get to the timeline these days. @Aqua Man @1diesel1 can either of you confirm if the smoker's lounge doesn't hit the main feed? Either way, looking back at those pics, that run was beast. Wasn't terribly impressed at the time, but...
  18. tobh

    Deja Vu, we all know it

    I'll bite. String theory says that there are infinite universes, vibrating in parallel, infinite dimensions. Deja Vu is strings colliding. Or, metaphysically, you've reincarnated to the same life path because the previous time you didn't pick up what you were supposed to in order to...
  19. tobh

    My Latest Rolling Tray.

    gorgeous work. for your custom work, i have to ask. have you ever built keif boxes? I used to have one built out of maple. pretty basic design, but the quality of the cuts was impeccable. Unfortunately lost it in a house fire about eight years ago. Can't seem to find one since. Do you think...
  20. tobh

    Decisions, Decisions... Dealing with long term health problems. Ancient remedy vs PHARMA, share your truths.

    Over that past couple months, I've been on a trial of microdosing Paul Stamet's Stack [modified]: 100mg Psilocybe Cubensis, 500mg Lion's Mane, 100mg Niacin. In place of Niacin, am taking a B-complex given the contraindications of the full B complex vs just B3. I've noticed this has been helpful...
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