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  1. MGRox

    High Brix In Hydro? Thoughts, Facts, Ideas Etc..

    Did a bit of snooping. This is just put up as a fwiw. Ok, so first (y'all prolly know) what is Brix? "Degrees Brix (symbol °Bx) is the sugar content of an aqueous solution. One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution and represents the...
  2. MGRox

    Understanding Transpiration

    Here is the source from the OP for reference if anyone needs or wants to see the couple missing pics. I have also noticed a disparity with how people place value on VPD as well. There...
  3. MGRox

    More Wattage Led

    In regards to the OP. You want about 800-1500 umols at the canopy level. Whatever wattage of whatever light you need to get that will be appropriate watts per square foot. I've narrowed down the "larf" intensity to occur in levels at or below 400 umols with 12 hr photoperiod. With...
  4. MGRox

    Rx Solutions Claiming 4.3 A Better Ph For Soilless

    I've seen several papers now that note pH not really being a factor in containers (soilless) for availability. At the very least, not in the same way or magnitude that occurs in soil. As an example; "A common belief is that pH of the container growth medium must be 6.5 to 7.0. This is...
  5. MGRox

    Waterlogged Any Advice?

    Take a paper towel and push a corner into one of the drain holes of the pot. Let the paper towel extend outward from the container base. You can use multiple paper towels (ex. one in each hole) and / or replace with new towels if needed. If the pots are elevated at all then the paper towel...
  6. MGRox

    Rooted Fan Leaves

    Was great to see the experiment!!! I was excited with the rest to see even roots and was hoping for success. Given the outcome, I was interested a bit to know why this would differentiate into Root cells but not Shoot cells. Did some snooping I guess. "Leaf cuttings of most plants will not...
  7. MGRox

    Hoagland Solution

    Boy there are literally thousands of named nutrient solutions over the years. Hoagland has definitely been used the most widely I suppose though. *Note though, that the Hoagland solution was designed for tomatoes in full fruiting, in a certain container size and with a certain rez volume...
  8. MGRox

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    So, I've been digging into organic info a bit. A couple things strike me as odd. - Evidently all the organic N from all the different sources are 100% ammonia!? Now in a open soil this wouldn't be an issue. In containers though does anyone monitor the NH4 to NO3 ratio in their organics...
  9. MGRox

    Leaves Yellowing From Stem Out

    Top yellowing Fe- most likely. Cl+ can also show similarly, but Cl sources are not often added. Does your "general nutrients" have micro elements? What is the pH of your medium?
  10. MGRox

    Problem With Mh Bulbs, Hps Works Fine

    Yeah there are different ANSI codes for a 250w HPS and 250w MH. I know electronics can in some cases run both bulb types, but I'm not aware of a magnetic ballast being able to. I believe that the capacitor (also called ignitor) is bad. Whenever the caps are bad, they will fail to start a...
  11. MGRox

    How Big Of An Offender Are You?

    We all know or have read about agricultural crops causing problems from leaching excess salts from fields into rivers and streams. We know that there is an increasing focus to not over-apply fertilizers or apply fertilizers across multiple instances to attempt a reduction in pollution. We...
  12. MGRox

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    @Izzyi2d Suggestions....hmmm. More space to grow in? :p @Stumpy420 Very nice! Each of your runs are looking better and you can't beat that right? @BlackSheepOG Nice flower, roots and 'does' phat wurms. Bit of an update with Veg NPK's. I'm comfortable enough to convey a working formula for...
  13. MGRox

    Blueberry Bubblegum Dtw

    Ye I did a thread on Ca:Mg ratios I suppose. Recommendations can be all over the board and vary depending on if we are looking at base saturation or a nutrient solution. In general, and from a ppm perspective; Ca:Mg ratios in hotriculture typically vary between 3:1 - 10:1 (which is to say...
  14. MGRox

    Fun The Deficiency

    I can confirm from recent testing in Veg that K- still does show exactly the same way as in flower. Mid plant with necrotic edge spots and inward chlorosis. I've been testing NPK's in veg, as of late and one interest is to see if all deficiencies show similarly as in flower. The first point...
  15. MGRox

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    Pretty close :D Ye got the humidity (fogger) version and the standard DIY bubble type cloner. Though I use plugs instead of bare root. For medium I'm typically in Coir / Peat mixes; but I'm always changing fractions as I'm never happy with mediums heh. Other than humus, I'm hydro or well...
  16. MGRox

    Fun The Deficiency

    He's dissolving the O3 in the nutrient solution for sterilization. It's being added with a venturi. He is also filtering air coming out of that res with Carbon. Do you think that would be sufficient? Not excluding that he could have some in the air, just was saying I couldn't find that it...
  17. MGRox

    Fun The Deficiency

    one thing that bugs me a bit is inconsistencies with mobility in plants. Some places show K as highly mobile, mobile or even partially mobile. From researching it seems K is highly mobile for deposition but less mobile for remobilization, possibly adding to confusion. I'm not sure if we...
  18. MGRox

    Fun The Deficiency

    While I wouldn't disclude a bug as was mentioned.......If not a bug I'm siding with FlyingJ about Mn. I highly highly doubt Ca- as you probably have plenty of Ca relative to N (4th most uptaken in ppms behind N,K, and P). I'm not considering this likely, but atmospheric O3 can cause...
  19. MGRox

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    @BlackSheepOG Very nice pics man!! What are all the newbies? Excellent observation with the K-!!! Also, thank you VERY MUCH for pointing it out (honestly). I would always prefer (with me) that people point out things wrong, rather than just say "looks great". So thank you for being...
  20. MGRox

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    Fuel 45 days
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