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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    So I guess this journal is over, cops raided and took everything, I'm so fuckin hurt. The stupid ass med card didn't mean shit. All my hard work, time, money was all for nothing. They took every lil piece of equipment I owned, I cant believe this shit, I'm almost in tears writing this. This...
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    Attention: UC growers..."Official" post your favorite UC Pic Thread

    Not sure if this contest is still going on, I never heard of anything about anyone winning yet so my guess it is. Heres a pic I took the other day. I do not need this system, if by some crazy chance I did win. Got my UCs for veg and flower already and I'm maxed out on my plant counts. So if I do...
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    All or Nothing - First legal grow! And First UC grow 7,200 watt

    Shits lookin killer bro, doesnt seem like the heavy nutes had too much of an effect on em, looks like they recovered quickly! Good Job homie!
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    Are using DM base, sorry sub to your journal but don't remember off top of my head, I know they say there is no need for any bloom/pk boosters, I too have used the BB at 3/4 stregth but after the flush I went full stregth, I wanted to hit em hard with the BB during the second trimester. I only...
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    Question for you DM users

    I think the reason they recommend to turn the air off when adding zone is to prevent it from foaming
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    Problem solved ph droped from 6.3 to 6.2 in a 24 hr period , I lowered the big bud to 1/4 stregnth in top off mix and poured some r/o water in the epp. and it worked, pretty sure the big bud was thee cause of the problem
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    Dutch Master gold a&b Drip clean Zone Magical Big bud now
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    Anyone got any ideas about the ph swings?
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    nice setup but you can get away with 1 pump instead of 2, just pump from rex to chiller than straight out of the chiller to cool coil and the hot from the cool coil back to res, if theta more than 1 cool coil then split the line out of the chiller to each of the cool coils
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    Gettin Nasty Wid The UC

    So I did a flush couple days ago with some clearex for about 20 hrs and ever since my ph has been drasticlly dropping for some reason, it dropped from 6 down to 4.5 in a 24 hr period. I dont know what the hell is going on, everything looks healthy, I have never experenced this before ussually ph...
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    Dueling UCE's - A Perpetual Flip-Flop

    O shit just got promoted to senior farmer lol guess that means I'm finally a real farmer now lol
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    Dueling UCE's - A Perpetual Flip-Flop

    Hey did you get all those fittings from home depot or lowes or some kind of corprate hardware store that I would probaly have in my town. I need to find some 1/2" to 3/8 t's like that, I was going to use them to make my air pump line, I was gonna put these 8" air disks to each bucket and they...
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    Motherlode's first UC run with White Fire #3 - come on in, the waters fine!

    Motherload I would love to hear the rest of what you and Dan talked about if you ever get the time to retype
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    UC XXL13 Room#1 Come On In

    Dude your thread fucking sucks you don't even want to post in it anymore, guess your music killed the plants lol must suck too
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    star trek's final voyage

    Things look great bro, so do you not like that strain cause it yeilds way to loo or why, what ate the yeilds like in the UC. And got love the haterz lol its always the ones that can't do it there selves lol we all seen his thread already, I waisted my time reading it, I hate how people stop...
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    I put most of the UC together today.

    My first UC I used soap and water to put it together and this method sucks, my new system I just got for veg I used a natural coco butter and thing went alot easier and faster even tho I had 2 extra buckets than the first time, was still a bitch, my hands got so cut up both times, its def a 2...
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    ?'s about the Under Current system

    if your getting a gram per watt then that's a easy 2#s, I'm saying in horizontal for those numbers using 4 plants per 1000w is only half pie a plant to get 2ps, I could do that in soil even, done it before with 2 plants tho it was a longer veg process, people should have no problem in the UC...
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    bluewaves uc grow wit gh nutes

    Danm those bitches are super frosty for being 22 days, have you grown this strain before? Was it as frosty that early before and how were you growing before this, soil, coco, ebb&flow ect?
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    Where did Everyone Go?

    Stonercasper if you want a honest opinion you are triming way too much off, the plant put alot of energy to make those leaves and also stores alot of energy in those leaves, your just waisting its energy by doing this. I would just of trimed those branches off that have those tiny buds on em in...
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    Let's see your Nute mix

    Hell yea good to here Guapo, tons of cool shit there! So was the sea cal the last addition or where you thinking of some more things you want to add to the mix?
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