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  1. Mytwhyt

    6 strains in the same hydro system :)

    I ran 2 strains, in 2 separate Waterfarms with a shared 5 gal. reservoir... Flora Nova Bloom start to finish.. Blue Mystic and Blackberry. Worked fine for me, since they didn't share a light or a scrog screen..
  2. Mytwhyt

    6 strains in the same hydro system :)

    I've not had much success with RW cubes.. Curious to see how your approach works out, so I'll take a seat..
  3. Mytwhyt

    Do I need a fan for this setup

    This is a good place for small fans.. The power cord. Best part really cheap shipping..
  4. Mytwhyt

    GH water farm 8 pack questions

    Running all 8 WFs might be a little difficult for a first time hydro grow.. The 8bucket system does circulate the entire 8 buckets, but is really slow.. The pumping column in the reservoir only moves about 5 gal. an hour.. You would be better off first time with 2 or 3 buckets with a scrog...
  5. Mytwhyt

    RDWC/UC heat control covering or coating

    I've wrapped my buckets with the foil bubble wrap I got at Home Depot. Worked well for me.. algae wont grow without light. Just wrap it tight, no need to glue it to the bucket.
  6. Mytwhyt

    Chiller reservoir, Nutrients reservoir, Wort coil

    You might try insulating your grow containers with foil bubble wrap and placing them on a 1 inch foam board.. That would would help stop heat absorption there..
  7. Mytwhyt

    What Are You Pulling...... Grams Per Watt Please?

    If you don't count total the 18 hour veg time+ plus the total 12/12 time, gpw really isn't an accurate gpw.. You pay for the veg hours, so they should count toward gpw.
  8. Mytwhyt

    Cat destroyed my plants wtf

    As long as they don't pee on them, your good to go..
  9. Mytwhyt

    Chiller reservoir, Nutrients reservoir, Wort coil

    I've got a real heat problem myself, but can't afford a chiller. I've tried to solve it on the cheap.. I let this thread go unattended for a little over a year, but I'm starting it up again.. I tried frozen 2 liter bottles and igloos, it worked.. But changing them twice a day got old fast.. I'm...
  10. Mytwhyt

    Chiller reservoir, Nutrients reservoir, Wort coil

    Why don't you want to circulate the nutrient water through the chiller.. If you're worried about the effect on the chiller, I don't think it would be much different than running chlorinated water through it.. Is the wort coil SS or copper? A bigger insulated nute reservoir might be a better...
  11. Mytwhyt

    HPS light superior vs current led tech?

    I don't know how this old 315 watt grow would compare with present day led lights.. I stopped buying lights when I found the 315 watt lights and have only used the 3100 bulbs.. I have managed to get my gpw up 1.4+.. I only have a swamp cooler to cool my place, and it doesn't get much hotter than...
  12. Mytwhyt

    What Are You Pulling...... Grams Per Watt Please?

    I do what most of you would never do.. I cut my colas, pull off the large leaves, then I wash them.. Three buckets 3/4 full, first one warm water with 1/2 cup baking soda, second bucket 1/2 cup citric acid, or vinegar, third bucket plane water.. Slosh them up and down, going from bucket to...
  13. Mytwhyt

    What Are You Pulling...... Grams Per Watt Please?

    Haven't done any recorded or posted grows for a few years. I get between 1.25 - 1.4 gpw Deep Water Culture | Page 3 | THCFarmer - Cannabis Cultivation Network
  14. Mytwhyt

    How to measure water capacity of my system

    Same way you measure a 5 gal bucket, to the top. It's up to you what level you want to put in it. Depends on the size of the basket you use.. You can't depend on spoon feeding to get all the info you need, you gotta read.
  15. Mytwhyt

    How to deal with high temperature inside a garage?

    Even the yuccas are dying because it's so hot here..
  16. Mytwhyt

    RDWC: 5 gal or 10 gal

    I ran 2 modified rdwc Waterfarms, with a 5 gal remote reservoir.. A 5 gal bucket waterfarm is the same.. The mods i do on both types of WFs allow the drip ring in each WF, and diy WF buckets to move the water.... the circulation rate for a single WF is120 gal a day.. Two modified WFs remove and...
  17. Mytwhyt

    Hydroponics selfmade

    You might as well spend 15-16$ and buy a GH Waterfarm drip ring kit, and make a 5 gal bucket waterfarm. Google, - Ultimate GH waterfarm mods. . If you decide to go that route I can link to ways to make a diy WF even more efficient.
  18. Mytwhyt

    Anyone running the waterfarm?

    Here's my last two WFs.. It was winter so i didn't have to worry about water temps.. They were slightly modified to allow the dripring to circulate water from a remote reservoir at the rate of 5-6 gal an hour.. Each WF used moves water from the reservoir at that rate.. This thread shows how...
  19. Mytwhyt

    Two recurlating Igloo grows, aka Waterloos

    Sprouted seed pics, day 2 of a 5 week veg.. Be back in a week..
  20. Mytwhyt

    Two recurlating Igloo grows, aka Waterloos

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