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  1. threatco

    First Time Grow, looking to do it right.

    One res makes good sense especially because you have invested in that blue lab monitor already.
  2. threatco

    First Time Grow, looking to do it right.

    Heya Work, 6 years growing hydro at home experience. I am not pro but I will share my thoughts as I went through a similar stage of planning a similar set up. Here are the main cons as I see it about an rdwc system like this. In the construction, getting those bulkhead holes drilled fitted...
  3. threatco

    Nutes during the vegative stage???

    I would make sure you are watering it with fresh water in between feedings. When healthy it should want to drink up some pure clean water while it consumes the available nutrients. Ratio/schedules may vary. But if it was me I would feed that plant maybe every 5 days, and if it needs water in...
  4. threatco

    New to DWC

    I would be suspect of the ph testing device.
  5. threatco

    Setting up new ebb and flow grow space.

    Day 29 of flowering.
  6. threatco

    Setting up new ebb and flow grow space.

    Flowering day 25 Perceived nutrient issues have abated. No more new excessive yellowing or spotting on existing growth.
  7. threatco

    Setting up new ebb and flow grow space.

    Did up the new nutrients with no PH up as buffer. Has been much better. Goes from 5.5 to 6.3 in about 24 hours which is manageable. Here is timelapse of flowering day 11-22
  8. threatco

    FWW 4 girls 1 tent

    Looking great!
  9. threatco

    RDWC: 5 gal or 10 gal

    Seems overkill. 5 gal should suffice in that space. Not worth the $$$ for the minor possible benefit. With that much vert space i would flood/drain. Then you can cover the area with grow media and more plants. I just love that the roots dont have to sit in water and rely on massive...
  10. threatco


    Yum yum. Looking good. Id guess another 10 days
  11. threatco

    Amber Trichomes over 50% at Day 45 of Flowering. Ready?

    Was a bit slow going getting it all trimmed. But we have a final tally. In this 1m^2 grow tent with roughly half Ice Cool plants and half NL#5xHaze plants, ebb and flow. I got a grand total of...... 610 grams of dried hand manicured buds Very happy with that!
  12. threatco

    First time Ebb & Flow - Leaf curling and root issues

    My best guess is that they are suffocating from lack of oxygen to the roots. Those pots do not seem to be very suited for coco in ebb and flow. Do you think air is getting to the root mass between floods? Will need to fix that somehow.
  13. threatco

    Setting up new ebb and flow grow space.

    If today I can't stabilize it I will have to waste the 120l worth of 5 day old nutes and clean it out and start fresh.
  14. threatco

    Setting up new ebb and flow grow space.

    I was. Just switched back to phosphoric yesterday but same issue. I think I may have too much ph up in there initially, or perhaps it's algae related. I had to add the strip of cardboard to block light from res last week.
  15. threatco

    Setting up new ebb and flow grow space.

    Been having a hard time keeping the ph from swinging way up. And looks like more N deficiency then I would expect for early flower. Day 17 of flower.
  16. threatco

    Who else likes steamrollers?

    I call it the "Gator-Roll"
  17. threatco

    Who else likes steamrollers?

    Hey folks, I've always been fond of steamroller style pipes. But over the years I've not seen many in the headshoppes i visit. Just picked up this beauty for a steal at 35$ CAD. I love the hand done details on the dragon/gator head, plus it has that ship in a bottle mystery to how they even...
  18. threatco

    first time grow RDWC

    May want to look at a design with the resivoir placed outside the tent. A dehumidifier is likely going to be needed late flower, so budget for that. Might I suggest an ebb and flow setup instead of rdwc? Have you considered it at all?
  19. threatco

    Highest yielding strain you've grown?

    The next generation
  20. threatco

    first time grow RDWC

    Hey. With 600w light. You will want about 3x3 ft space. 4 plants in that 9 square feet would be good. Have you picked a strain? Will this be in a tent or closet? Is the air there humid or dry normally?
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