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    Its thrips my friend. I had them a few times. Orius leavigatus and amblyseus cucumeris solved it without any hastle
  2. Shroomtrips

    What am I dealing with

    Looks like thrip damage. I had same issue just indoors. I guess you could try amblyseus cucumeris sachets, they would kill larvae and eggs. Thats predatory mites, they work well.
  3. Shroomtrips

    Need help!! I split my plant right at the base of where I topped it

    Look those 2 fat branches after the split. Dont worry;)
  4. Shroomtrips

    Some advise guys, nanners end of wk 5

    Only the obvious ones, never bothered searching for them
  5. Shroomtrips

    Coco Coir And Potential Pests

  6. Shroomtrips

    Some advise guys, nanners end of wk 5

    I had like 6-7 runs of the same cutting and i kept getting nanners but in the end result i found not more than 10 seeds each run. I wouldnt worry unless u grow for proffit
  7. Shroomtrips

    Stress from too much training and transplant?

    Transplant shock, they will pick up in a week. No drama
  8. Shroomtrips

    Insect identification

  9. Shroomtrips

    Harvest. Is She Ready?

    Hi everyone. Zkittlez day 57 in canna coco. Does she look ready? Trichs are mostly cloudy with some clear
  10. Shroomtrips

    Are These From Mites?

    If i was you i would use biological control, amblyseius mites. I personaly always advocate for biological control. I had thrips, sprays didnt work for me. I purchased some pirate bugs and amblyseius cucumeris. I didnt bother about humidity, water for them or anything. I just released like 20x of...
  11. Shroomtrips

    First Timerweek 4 Of Flower & No Buds--help!!

    Are they flowering?
  12. Shroomtrips

    Leaves Purpling.

  13. Shroomtrips

    Are These From Mites?

    Looks like something is sucking them leaves out. Is it not mites them tiny little dots on underleaves? I think you need to act quick
  14. Shroomtrips

    Harvest Day + Bananas...

    Should all be good. Plant significantly reduces THC production only after pollination and most of its energy is diverted to seed production.
  15. Shroomtrips

    Leaves Purpling.

    Better shot of purple bud. I still have 2 weeks to go so i hope they will go full purple :D
  16. Shroomtrips

    Leaves Purpling.

    My temps are 20-22 at night and they still purple
  17. Shroomtrips

    Leaves Purpling.

    clones or from seed? i got 2 plants from seeds and they both are different phenos. One purples other does not. you are late in flower so this is pretty normal.
  18. Shroomtrips

    Leaves Purpling.

    How far in flower are you? Im entering week 8 tomorrow and i see purple on my plants too. I think its totaly ok as its an autumn colour and its all natural
  19. Shroomtrips

    Autoflower Not Flowering Yet?

    Im not too sure what affect it would have on auto plants because i never grown them. Surely nothing too negative.
  20. Shroomtrips

    Autoflower Not Flowering Yet?

    Maybe its photoperiod plant? :D hit it with 12/12 for a week and see what she says
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