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    Is the vapor from a sulphur burner toxic?

    I've accidentally burned sulfur in amateur pyrotechnic activities right in my face, and it ends up burning my throat and nose really bad for days. Water in your throat/nasal cavity + sulfur oxide gases = trip to the emergency room if you inhale enough. H2SO3 anyone? Sulfurous acid is no fun...
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    Keepin' it Lazy and Cheap...25 clones in 2.5ftx2.5ft

    Wow! Lots of growth since last pics. The extra few days I let them veg really made a difference this time. Even the short gals are catching up! Canopy is staying pretty even, and the fan leaves have kind of ordered themselves into a pretty nice configuration...LUSH, BABY!
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    Keepin' it Lazy and Cheap...25 clones in 2.5ftx2.5ft

    I run my lights during the night, so the picture was taken at the very, very end of the 14th 12-hour dark period the plants have experienced (approx. 14 days into 12/12). I'm guess I'm overly specific. Not that it really matters, but I'm unclear when people say things like "harvested at 63...
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    Great Flashlight for outdoor(all) grows

    Yeah, gotta get me some of that. I'm going to buy 2 and make a bong out of one.
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    Pinesoul and 3HT

    Looks stoney as hell...good job bro.
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    10X10 SOG Tentgrow

    That is totally pro, man...well done.
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    Pre-98 Bubba an more!

    Super tasty lookin'!
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    do plants sweat?

    Don't forget about guttation!
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    Keepin' it Lazy and Cheap...25 clones in 2.5ftx2.5ft

    Right after these gal's 14th dark period...they're getting big!! I think that 23 is just about right in this tent...little room for ventilation, and enough room to keep the 3-4 biggest ladies separated and offset from one another. 2 pics - one of the tent so you can compare it to the last...
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    Clear worms 3/8-1/2 in my rockwool

    I think you might have some kind of soil nematode if they don't look at all like fungus gnats. There are thousands of types of them, but this pic is pretty representative of something you might see: Some of them are good, many of them will eat...
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    Clear worms 3/8-1/2 in my rockwool

    Did they look like this, maybe? (Found this while Googling "Root worms").
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    Clear worms 3/8-1/2 in my rockwool

    EDIT: I THOUGHT THE PIC ON THE OTHER POST WAS FROM THE ORIGINAL POSTER...MY BAD. (I'll shut up now) They're totally gnat larvae...if you don't believe me, look at the pics on this site:
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    ¿your dream super strain?

    The White x Herijuana
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    my budget grow

    If you can't find a "T", couldn't you just drill a 2nd hose outlet (essentially turning your bucket into the "T")?
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    my budget grow

    Looks like the pump from your rez might be pushing water in faster than the pressure from like 2" of water can push it into the next bucket maybe?? Try to slow the flow from your pump, or drop $10 on another bucket and and drill a bigger outlet hold in it, then try using it for your first...
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    HELP...Does any one know what this is... Clones leaves turned black??

    Yah...I've had clones that looked like that and they grew out of it. It seems to happen to me when I let them breathe too much too early in the cloning process.
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    What happened to Rolln J?

    Yeah, dude...I was bummed when I saw his name listed as "guest" :(
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    kief bowls when on empty....

    Hadn't tried just a plain old bowl of kif until last night lol... Here's what happened:
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    What happened to Rolln J?

    There was a guy named Rolln J that used to be on here, now all his posts are "guest"...did he get booted or something?
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    Wtf...Why didn't you guys tell me kif is so strong???

    Dude...I totally have some Nutella. I want to put weed in my Nutella...that is a freaking awesome idea. Thank you.
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