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  1. AnitaBonghitt

    Is this Spider Mite damage? -Or heat stress

    I thought thrips too. They are easy to get rid of.
  2. AnitaBonghitt

    Where to buy seeds with credit card?

    I bought some from Ace seeds with a card and received them a week later. And there was no shipping charge.
  3. AnitaBonghitt

    What PawPaw did during isolation grow

    I cant believe its been 11 years since katz passed, seems like yesterday. I'm glad to see you keeping busy, grandkids n all. Are you still in Texas? We need to get caught up sometime. I do miss the cook outs too. AB aka cough-cough-eer
  4. AnitaBonghitt

    Anybody taking beta blockers??

    I used to take beta blockers for high blood pressure, after a year or so my heart rate got to low and had to go off of them. Getting off of them was very hard and you need to go off slowly. It took me 6 months.
  5. AnitaBonghitt

    Odd discoloration?

    I have one like that, only one leaf 1/2 dark 1/2 light. plant growing just fine. I have it under fluorescents for now.
  6. AnitaBonghitt

    Advanced nutrients. What to use and what not to use?

    The pH down and up seem to be more concentrated than others, so it last a long time. The rest of their products seem really expensive. Bud blood was also good, but I haven't used it in years.
  7. AnitaBonghitt

    Growers, do you ever buy weed?

    I've used it to trade for services with people I know. I find it spends like money
  8. AnitaBonghitt

    Bent stem!

    I bend mine all the time on purpose. when they are a little larger. What doesn't kill them will make them stronger..
  9. AnitaBonghitt

    Anyone Know Why The New Leaves On My Plant Look Like This?

    cal-mag will fix that.
  10. AnitaBonghitt

    What are the top 3 strains your currently after?

    uuummmmmm............... triangle kush................ of some sort, I have a cross (cant remember with what right now) now but want more warlock.................Had it before I could clone successfully cheese cross of some sort
  11. AnitaBonghitt

    howdy stanknkatz hope all is well with you. Things are good here

    howdy stanknkatz hope all is well with you. Things are good here
  12. AnitaBonghitt

    Thanks again for the seeds, had only 3 males from alot of seeds I started. Everybody's loving...

    Thanks again for the seeds, had only 3 males from alot of seeds I started. Everybody's loving the new flavors,
  13. AnitaBonghitt

    Can't Figure This Out!

    My veg. plants have the exact same issue. It doesn't seem to be a problem, But when they go into flower, seems to clear up.
  14. AnitaBonghitt

    Pot feet

    Ive used upholstery tacks on the bottom of pots to prevent them from standing in water
  15. AnitaBonghitt

    *** the fishy page ***

    I used to have a red serpent star. He was always on the glass where he can be seen, you never saw him move but was always in a different spot. Question for seamaiden.... Ive always understood the difference between a serpent star and brittle star (how to tell them apart)are the small hair like...
  16. AnitaBonghitt

    re using my coco?

    I leave mine outside in a rubbermaid container and reuse it 2-3 times.
  17. AnitaBonghitt

    Growing medical marijuana for a living...

    I have a question I hope I'm not hijacking or asking something that already been addressed but... Say your state is now legal..... you set up a business supplying medical MJ to med patients. You get your sales tax number and/or business license .... Is it regulated by the food and drug...
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