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  1. HortiLab

    Starbud 5 weeks in

    Nice on1 Holy~!! Any updates/harvest pics?
  2. HortiLab

    Starberry and sour star.

    Looking very healthy mack~! They will reward you well!
  3. HortiLab

    ***SUPER SOUR SKUNK***Rumble In The Jungle Round 2

    SoSour, "SuperSourSkunk" is an easy to grow but pretty hungry plant. Start with low EC/ppm and increase accordingly during growth/flower. Happy growing & post some pics!!
  4. HortiLab

    Starbud 21 days

    Nice one blazer!! I am sure your X will turn out killer! Keep us updated!
  5. HortiLab

    StarBud x Sour Power!

    Looking good BudMuncher!! Any updates? :)
  6. HortiLab

    Sour Star has dropped at the Bay!!

    Hey Farmers! "SourStar" seeds have finally dropped @ the Bay! Expect some very good yields of rock hard buds covered in sparkling resin! Good flower to leaf ratio and an amazing smell & taste already made this hybrid a favorite among local growers!! Grab yours while stock lasts! Definitely...
  7. HortiLab

    StarBud x Sour Power!

    Perfect! Hope all 3 made it!
  8. HortiLab

    StarBud x Sour Power!

    Nice one BudMuncher! Make sure to keep us updated! :)
  9. HortiLab

    Sour Star?!?

    That sounds amazing Tyler~! There are some really special plants to be found in those "SourStar" seeds. Will post some pics soon, too! @Sailfishdan: Nope, you did not miss the drop it is yet to come!
  10. HortiLab

    Sour Star?!?

    Nice Sarah! Please keep us updated on your progress! Expect good yielding plants which produces extremely frosty and tight nugs with strong potency and a subtle sweet smell of dankness with hints of the sour influence. Beautiful herb and one of the best ones for concentrate production we came...
  11. HortiLab

    Upcoming release...

    Yo blazer, they DO! Those StarBerry seeds will be posted to the Farm tomorrow ;)
  12. HortiLab


    Cool! Keep us updated mack!!!
  13. HortiLab

    Upcoming release...

    As of now, all "StarBud" seeds are fem & yes I am afraid you missed the drop at the farm! StarBerry (StarBud X DJ Short Blueberry) & SourStar (StarBud X ECSD V3) are both regular and might be available at the Farm soon!
  14. HortiLab


    Thanks mack 10, pauly~ & RIVAL79! Indeed fun times at the cup & good to see you again mack~. You should have mentioned the hat when we saw us homie ;) Also very happy to be among the winners again...for the 4th year in a row.....and yes, next year we are striving for those CUPS again!!
  15. HortiLab

    Mopho does Sour Amnesia

    Looking beautiful Green Mopho! ;)
  16. HortiLab

    rumble in the jungle round 2 "lets get it on"

    Looking good moodster! Guess its all up in smoke by now :)
  17. HortiLab


    Keep us posted blazer!!
  18. HortiLab

    Rumble In The Jungle Rd. 2 Rival79 vs. Super Sour Skunk

    Would love to see those outdoor plants RIVAL79! :)
  19. HortiLab

    Sour Star?!?

    Hey Sarah, yes, The "SourStar" seeds are a new release and have not officially dropped, yet ;) Its an Indica/Sativa Hybrid which finishes in aprox 9-10 weeks 12/12 with a medium stretch. The resin of this X is perfect for full melt water hash and concentrates. More info & some pics soon! :)
  20. HortiLab

    CGK popping some Sour Joker Beans

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