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    Raskal verified clones?

    is there still a natures best kept sercret in clovis, ca....i can't find the phone number for the place.....
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    Blue Dream about to touch the top....

    at what height were they when u put them in the greenhouse? i got some blue dream that are almost 3 feet now i plan on putting them in my much do they stretch?
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    Cen of the facist police.....

    sup central cali....i jus moved here and got my medical card so now i'm all good......
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    Goodbye to all you farmers. :(

    damn that sucks bro....keep in touch with me bro.....
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    Tahoe OG x Pre 98 Bubba

    what kind of yeild did u get from these?
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    Endless Sky Smoke Report

    how long did u let it go bro? did u finish it in 8 weeks?
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    Ken's Cut of Grandaddy Purple

    sup skyhi could u tell me where the kens club is at?
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    Tent City Files. Secret Jardin 10x10 with 6k

    nice clean setup bro....i was wonderin how ur filter was it ducted jus straight out the top or is it connected to the lights with the exhaust thats goin out?
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    Raskals Og,Tahoe Og (original clone), Headband, GreenCrack,bubbaxtahoe

    i give them 20 hrs of light then 4 hrs off...i read somewhere that 20 hrs of veg gets the most yield....
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    Raskals Og,Tahoe Og (original clone), Headband, GreenCrack,bubbaxtahoe

    heres some new moms....wen they big enough i will take cuts and flower these out.......yeszir raskal og (from seed) tahoe og (original clone) headband(clone) Greencrack(clone) bubbaxtahoe
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    low odor strain suggestion por favor

    go with c99 or bogglegum....
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    World 2010 Guerilla Grow Show & Think Tank

    must be nice mc to get started....we still have snow here to......
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    World 2010 Guerilla Grow Show & Think Tank

    how many miligrams of apsrin do u mix per gallon?
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    Can I use bone/blood meal outside?

    i would advise against using it....u dont' wanna take any chances of them diggin up ur plants.....
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    What are you listening to right now?

    haha yall know u had there poster up in ur room...jk...jus clownin around im feelin this song right now
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    What are you listening to right now?

    yo this song is off the hook lol
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    World 2010 Guerilla Grow Show & Think Tank

    rain water and creek water or both good bro..haven't had any problems wit them.....sometimes u jus gotta use wat u have available...or u could always try to make ur own well....
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    Kush is just a trend?????

    bud good i get wat ur sayin cuz around here...watever is kill, dank, fire they call it kush....and i'm in the midwest....
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    Sm-90 and Hygrozyme

    yea sm90 is good for hydro and does help with root rot....yea i've always thought it would be bad with hygrozyme cuz it would kill the enzymes but i heard elsewhere that it won't....but i love hygrozyme...i couldn't do without it...
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