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    What might be stressing my plant here?

    goldwing you're a tool
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    What might be stressing my plant here?

    throw everything away and start again, you messed up something big time over there. Keeping those runts running is just gonna waste you time, electricity and cause you useless stress.
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    BUD BOX / Grow tent XXL

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    Jack flash - Hydro

    I love NFT, it's been my first proper hydro setup! Nice work
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    hey hey

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    Jack flash - Hydro

    Which kind of hydro system are you using?
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    Hydro huts?

    I had the same problem koopa troopa experienced. Just bought a XXL tent 2 weeks ago in a pretty big growshop here in Amsterdam, and just after 5 days inside the tent all of my clones pretty much bleached and practically died. Same clones put in another tent I have (Homebox) were absolutely fine...
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    Down on the Farm

    Good to know!
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