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    Dr Funk / Dr Funkenstein (katsu Bubba X Blueberry)

    Harvest Con has or had fakes.. Checked em out months ago. Dr Funk looks almost identical to katsu. Theirs is sativa-ish and their dr funk flower samples aren't what I had. Basically its katsu, but with a blueberry flavor.. Obama Kush and Grand daddy kush are pretty similar..
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    Dr Funk / Dr Funkenstein (katsu Bubba X Blueberry)

    Anybody in OR still have this cut? I lost it about a year ago. Nice cut. Bubba with a blueberry background. I've searched for it for the last year, but have only found 1 or 2 fakes. Heres how she looks.
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    Yeah I seen Kids in the theatre, and a few times since. haven't seen julien donkey boy.. that dude who pimps out his sister in gummo reminds me of ad rock from the beastie boys lol.. Gummo always left me thinking "wtf?"...
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    Not in a long time.. Seen it a few times and still have no idea what the movie is supposed to be about.. Just a day in the life of some weird ass kids, living in some shit hole town..
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    Gorilla Glue #4

    GG#4 is here in Portland.. Not sure about the cuts floating around on craigslist for $50 a pop, but I've been running it for at least a year.. Didn't acquire it locally tho, so who knows about the other cuts of it going around.. Hope you find it. Its definitely worth running!
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    any exp with bubbler cloners anyone?

    Your temps sound good. Higher temps in the bubbler or aero will cook the stems, turning them mushy.. Luckily bubblers don't get as hot as aeros, so you shouldn't have to put it on a timer.. IME aero cloners bust out way more roots and the roots are thicker and more vigorous.. Both are a lot...
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    Pollen Sales

    Wouldn't it be easier to sell selected cuts of males instead? Pollens easy to fuck up. Male clones could provide pollen time and time again..
  8. PDX420Grower

    My Problem Child

    Thanks for posting your results medusa. I gotta bunch of old beans I'd love to try this on. Perfect timing! :)
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    Hope all is going good @pdxfire! We gotta catch up again 1 of these days soon. Take care bro
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    Heres a few pics of the katsu bubba :)
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    Looks more like the mom to me too. Looking really good jimmy!
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    Katsu bubba mom is earthy, coffee/mocha, kush, and the White og v2 dad is fruity, fuely and a little creamy.. Your description sounds/looks like a nice mix of them both. :) Looking good Fresh Starts!
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    Portland Water

    I live close to mt tabor, and I've seen dead squirrels and rats floating in the different reservoirs.. Not all at once lol, but 1 here and there over the years.. Never heard about the guy pissing in it, but doesn't surprise me.. Anyone could walk right up to em and do whatever.. But yeah, been...
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    Looking for a grower in Portland

    What resources have you tried so far? Some of the canna clubs have meetings, and you might be able to find a decent grower.. Try to sample or at least check out their meds 1st, to get an idea of what you'd be getting.. Why don't you grow your own? If you've seen most of the meds in the...
  15. PDX420Grower

    move to portland...

    Idk, might be kinda hard, but not impossible.. Even the shitty ghetto ass motels run about 12-1400$ a month.. $350-400 a week (hopefully 7 day week, some are 5) You might want to try renting a room til you find a permanent residence.. Usually about $3-400 a month. Type in 420 or 420 friendly on...
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    Fuck these cops. Scale or not.

    FUCK THE POLICE!!! Nugsy and Funk, good luck to both of you this week! 1 luv homies. - PDX
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    My $200.00 NFT Rain Gutter system

    Nice! Very similar to what I have in mind. I'll post pics when shes built :) Keeping an eye on this one ;)
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    My $200.00 NFT Rain Gutter system

    Im going to be building an NFT w/sprayers soon as well :) (use up some unused space) Might be a few weeks, but I'll post pics (if you don't mind). I think im going to be using 5x5 vinyl fence posts, instead of gutters tho. Looking forward to seeing your progress :) Yeah, I'm always growing a...
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    My $200.00 NFT Rain Gutter system

    Hey Canappa, nice set up :) Diggin the DIY chiller ;) - PDX
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    Good News

    Welcome to Wal-Mart, I love you..
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