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  1. Vedic

    Seed banks and "out of stock"

    So I spent the past couple months looking for "drops" and seeds from reliable growers and companies and things like Fire OG and such are always out of stock. I see people flipping seeds for hundreds of USD over what they should cost .. and it is a bit weird to see. So I am thinking of starting...
  2. Vedic

    Wanted FIRE OG

    Paying well for fem or reg photoperiod Fire OG seeds (in cali)
  3. Vedic

    New to Hydro, Could use advice from experience growers. Ebb and Flow

    Hi all, So I spent like 40 grand on a bunch of stuff to grow in my garage here in California. My plan was to use the blue 55 gallon drums (4 of them) with Lux or Gavita 1000 Watt (18 of them) and 24 buckets per reservoir for 96 total. The electrician already did wires tests and set up breakers...
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