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  1. Justlovetogrow

    Fudge's candy shop - The Never-ending Story

    That’s horrible news about your sister in law mate I feel for your brother and the kids mate no good at all
  2. Justlovetogrow

    The unknown clones from a buddy

    Haven’t posted on here for a while had heaps of growth in the last week or so but the last day or so the leaves on the unknown clone have gone slightly droopy thinking heat I know most will so overwatering but it’s not the case I’m pretty sure👍
  3. Justlovetogrow

    Og Kush strain from msnl

    Yea mate I was pretty happy with it treated it like hell and still produced nice smoko so was stoked👍
  4. Justlovetogrow

    Official: Pedro (HP7) x Guava Dawg breeding project. By Budgoodman & associates...

    Hahahaha I love that frankster plants in the kitchen next to the stove cook your tea check on the babies at the same time😂😂😂
  5. Justlovetogrow

    Milky or clear trichomes? Need a second opinion.

    They def starting to milk up to my untrained eye can’t c any amber at all though not to far away week or 2👍
  6. Justlovetogrow

    New Grower

    I love the pineapple chunk strain tastes awesome and yields a fair chunk to good luck mate👍
  7. Justlovetogrow


    Cheers for tips Aqua seems to be doing the trick turns out I was running way to much water through them shout out to Gnick to who also helped me out cheers fellas👍 Starting to c some proper growth now not overwatered blotted leaves
  8. Justlovetogrow

    ok im going to try this out.

    Sorry to chime in on this thread but then outdoor plants are spectacular Max You might have to teach me ya secrets😂😂😂 Perfect canopy height outdoor is a lot harder than one would think they uniform af what is there 10-15p just awesome👍
  9. Justlovetogrow

    What’s GNick55 up too

    Looks like happy days for you mate👍
  10. Justlovetogrow

    The unknown clones from a buddy

    Well this is pretty cool there is 2 lats comin out of the 1 spot def not tipped or anything just a natural deformity i guess🤷‍♂️
  11. Justlovetogrow

    The unknown clones from a buddy

    Well they growin that’s the main thing😂
  12. Justlovetogrow

    Are my ladies ready for Harvest?

    Congrats man looks good👍
  13. Justlovetogrow

    Help please flowering lighting trouble

    Metal halide spectrum more for veg hps for flower yea?
  14. Justlovetogrow

    how to make qwiso/rso oil

    A few people down this way will use olive oil or something like that to take that tang out of it and to make it more runny and manageable for oral consumption not for smoking👍
  15. Justlovetogrow


    Actually I just checked it’s Hygen coirlite 70-30 blend👍
  16. Justlovetogrow


    The pots are like 39 litres not sure on gallons from Australia😂 I will back off ec and lift the light and c how I go cheers heaps👍The reason I use such big pots is I only grow 1 or 2 plants at a time for me n the mrs to smoke so being an outdoor grower most my life I just assume big pots equals...
  17. Justlovetogrow


    It’s a 60-40 coco perlite blend from hydro coir the light is old school as batwing 600watt it’s hung pretty high atm bout 25 inches cause I though the same thing light stress temps are the best I’ve had em 24-25degrees Celsius light on between 20-21 lights off humidity pretty stable at about 60...
  18. Justlovetogrow


    So I need some [email protected] I’ve been told I’m over watering my thc bomb due to it having crinkled leaves and stunted I have been watering twice per day to runoff after advice I have knocked it back to 1 feed a day is this right? It’s only a couple weeks old so I didn’t think it was stunted...
  19. Justlovetogrow

    The unknown clones from a buddy

    T thanx for the watering tip Gnick they seem a bit happier only getting watered once per day it’s all pretty confusing this coco thing some say water fuck out of em some say only when they large I think it’s somewhere in between cheers man👍
  20. Justlovetogrow

    how to make qwiso/rso oil

    I have also seen people spread it real thin and let the sun do it’s thing it takes a good week in the hot sun for the alcohol to evaporate only thing is it tastes a bit like stale beer 😂 rice cooker method way better gets rid of all residual alcohol do you use a carrier oil to thin out your rso...
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