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  1. Ponky

    Looking for help, first time growing

    Literally runs into the tanks. Is circulated. Is mixed prior to feeding. Smaller ones of 40 or fewer lights use banks of blue barrels and aeration. That's it. My tap water hardness and PH doesn't change. It's as consistent as the tides. So there is no need to do anything to it. I started just...
  2. Ponky

    Looking for help, first time growing

    Everyone I know grows weed. In commercial quantities. With a high level of economic success. None use RO. Because that's too much water to waste. Is it nice to use? Yes. Does anybody have time for that? No. Not when your water tanks require you to keep the tap open that many hours a day just to...
  3. Ponky

    Rookie question. What are nanners ?

    DJ short Blueberry. Ok. Chemdawg. Grew it. It was strong. Has seeds. Liked to get fungus. Discard as trash. No one even wanted to smoke it. Bruce Banner? Same. Lemon garlic? Same. All tasty. All hybrids. All massive wastes of time. Peanut Butter Mac? Meh. It was fine. Tastes like wax. Wouldn't...
  4. Ponky

    Rookie question. What are nanners ?

    Well if someone buys a load and there are seeds in it i guess the problem is giving them back a grocery store bag full of money back. While having to pick the load back up. Just not worth it. If I had no backup. Maybe. But no. It don't even want it going in my grinder. And if I was to roll up a...
  5. Ponky

    Rookie question. What are nanners ?

    I don't want pollen, sativas or plants that can hermie. I don't want to smoke it. And no one would buy it. I would be stuck with making concentrate. Don't fall in love with a strain or crop. Powdery mildew? Kill it. Bud rot? Chop it. Hermies? Get a new source of seeds. Or buy clones. Got no...
  6. Ponky

    New grower: Branch/trunk rot?

    It looks like a fungus. Sulphur is about it. Some places sell stronger stuff. That damage looks pretty significant. Trim off the dead branch. Spray it with your Sulphur mold fighting product. Maybe even alcohol and hydrogen peroxide the area like wound care. Get daylight to shine on the damaged...
  7. Ponky

    Rookie question. What are nanners ?

    Total loss. When you see one. It's over. That plant will be the poo. Seedy and taste like hay. And the genetics are trash. So if you get one. The whole crop is trash. Some people save them for some reason. I say never get attached to a plant or strain. No weakness. No mercy. Best case scenario...
  8. Ponky

    Rookie question. What are nanners ?

    Plant sex organs that grow on a hermaphrodite plant. Usually a feminized hybrid poo strain does it.
  9. Ponky

    I feel like I should be giving these two more water at a time...500 ml every 3 days...any advice would be great...thanks

    Number one reason to fire a worker. The pots need 30 seconds of water each. And the guy waters less and less and leaves sooner and sooner. Plants need water. Let them have it. Chronic under watering is for lazy growers with a gasoline powered Dodge truck that handle someone else's grow.
  10. Ponky

    Low quality airstones clogged in under 1 month.

    Well. Egg on my face. Bought cheap air stones. And most of them clogged off in just a few weeks. One plant paid a price. Thats what I get for not looking enough. Going to go no air stones. And run extra air lines. Can't clog a stone that isn't there.
  11. Ponky

    Should I scrog my plants at this size

    I'd use stakes. So you you can rotate the plants to do work on them as needed. But yes. You can use a screen now. Some people like to use 2. One now. One slightly above that.
  12. Ponky

    Looking for help, first time growing

    Fills 5 gallon bucket with tap water. Adds food. Uses immediately. Shoulder shrug.
  13. Ponky

    Looking for help, first time growing

    When you water you water until all the soil is fully saturated. Then you wait for it to dry out before watering again. The amount is always plentiful. The frequency is not.
  14. Ponky

    Who has studies on drying?

    No. Its racks. 7 layers of racks. Up to a pound per. I don't hang them.
  15. Ponky

    should I turn off the vent in grow room while the co2 tank is on?

    You don't want to vent your CO2 out. Some people do replace the air in the room on a timer. So the CO2 can build back up.
  16. Ponky

    Who has studies on drying?

    When I need to dry 7 pounds or less I set up a 2x4 tent. I hang a drying rack in it. And install a 4" blower fan. I let it draw in air conditioned air. And let it slowly dry for about a week. Before bagging and burping. I have one permanently set up for my personal grows. Works well.
  17. Ponky

    Can anyone comment on how my plants are looking

    That power receptacle looks like a burnt fire hazard. Plant looks like it's fine.
  18. Ponky

    Use for Leftover Plant Material

    Well. You could buy a lab set up. Distill your product into its various terpenes and thc and CBN and CBD.. but that's stuff you have to hire people for usually. And once you have that setup you don't really mess around with anything but bulk extraction and mixing. The kids these days just use...
  19. Ponky

    Diary of a poor broke green thumb

    Big buds = flying too close to the sun on wax wings.
  20. Ponky

    Most useful apps for community

    The calculator. It's already on there.
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