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  1. meangreenmartian

    The Terpenes Of Cannabis, Their Aromas, And Effects

    awesome and informative post, thanks man
  2. meangreenmartian

    Dutchpassion Strawberrycough

    awesome show so far, she's gonna be packing some serious weight.
  3. meangreenmartian

    King Kush

    Nice review, were these from Greenhouse?
  4. meangreenmartian

    Chem 4 x GSC # 1

    such amazing looking buds, kudos to Wayyne and Divine!
  5. meangreenmartian

    Lead's Grow Diary

    you could ski on those flowers dude, awesome work and pics!
  6. meangreenmartian

    OG 18

    looking forward to the budshots, excellent report
  7. meangreenmartian

    Back at it... and Stillmatic

    awesome show dude, looks like some fire as the result
  8. meangreenmartian

    One Blue Dream seed....two plants!

  9. meangreenmartian

    Smoking some chocolope bubble at the moment

    Smoking some chocolope bubble at the moment
  10. meangreenmartian

    Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze x Jack Herer

  11. meangreenmartian

    White Guava

    Awesome report and pics Hellmutt, I never heard of white guava or guava deisel but they sound killer.
  12. meangreenmartian

    East Coast Sour Diesel(clone) gallery

    yum man, Still my all time tastiest smoke. Im digging the purpleish tinted foxtail tips.
  13. meangreenmartian

    Mosca Negra Cinderella 99 F1 - Organic

    A very informative and truly organic grown, awesome job hashit. I really enjoyed the show. Whats up next?
  14. meangreenmartian

    Sour kush video strain review

    awesome video review man, great camera work
  15. meangreenmartian

    Stardawg Smoke Report

    always wanted to try, looks like some unreal chem candy funk. Nice job Rab
  16. meangreenmartian

    Tangerine Dream

    saw this did well at the cup this year, glad someone reviewed it. Thanks Winta
  17. meangreenmartian

    Neville's Haze

    I remember smuggling some nevilles from the dam to paris on the train a good five years ago, I tripped harder on it then any other bud I have ever smoked. Such a sweet woody, fruity profile as well. Nice report
  18. meangreenmartian

    Barney's Farm L.S.D.

    I had the pleasure to try this a year and a hlf ago in the dam and the eucalyptus taste is dead on, nice report Sirius
  19. meangreenmartian

    707 Kush

    thanks for the review aerojoe, sounds like a nice balanced high
  20. meangreenmartian

    Kush Time

    sick pics man, I'm loving that U2
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