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    The White x bubba kush (pre 98)?

    raskals fem beans will be every thing you want. just keep your eyes peeled for nanners it's always a possibilty with fems but the end result no matter what will be of the highest quality. just look around his forum from his grows and other farmers. raskals genes are what every garden needs.
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    SoCal MasterKush x BlueMoonshine

    right this very moment. just made an order for 2 6inch vortexs. will live in a pint container until those suckers arrive. once i get the pc hooked up i will post pictures. just made an aerocloner today. 25 site for 80 buckaroos. so lets say a clone lives a happy life in a 1 gallon container with...
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    SoCal MasterKush x BlueMoonshine

    i did cop a pack. i have very limited space. i'm working with a 4x4 space with a 1000mh/hps combo. i was going to veg until they show signs of sex, get 25 clones, train the mother plants of the clones, then once the clones are rooted just switch to 12/12 and let the sog do its thing. you think 1...
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    SoCal MasterKush x BlueMoonshine

    soil or hydro or ...? so how long are you going to veg and under what sort of conditions?
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    SoCal MasterKush x BlueMoonshine

    raskal have any shots of your beauties? logic cooking up anything funky? ripz? herbalizor? anybody?
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    SoCal MasterKush x BlueMoonshine

    just wondering if anyones popped any of there KushMoonshines or if the testers have any results or pictures to share. the Fire x Moonshine looks insane, as expected, but i bet the MKxBM are equally as nice.
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    Freebies i would like to see at "the Farm"

    thcbay already has a stellar list. but ... mendo purps! meno purps crossed to hashplant or bubblegum.
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    Freebies i would like to see at "the Farm"

    mendo purps cross
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    Honey instead of Molasses?

    that was an interesting read on honey. i learn something new everyday here! anyways blackstrap molasses is hands the best thing you can give your plant. anyone on the farm use Sucanat? Sucanat stands for Sugar Cane Natural and you get it at health food stores/co-ops. that in conjunction with...
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    Best size Screens

    karmas bricks are beautiful. he will definitely be able to help.
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    Purple Empress x Goo Thunder @ 65 days

    beautiful pictures
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    reefermans private stash seeds on the farm next week

    this is going to be good! thanks lord reeferman, bring it! i got my fingers crossed on a pack or two of those beans from the stanis'
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    Alien Landing Zone!!!

    :very_first_smiley: the aliens can have there way with me 09' is going to be insane! hell yeah!
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    Sour Bubble BX1 1IX ... Tha last of tha last

    i have been trying to get this from you Steele for sooo long, i finally got it! thank you for doing what you do! i'll post up a grow report in the not to distant future
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    SourBubble Bx

    i have been searching long and hard for BOG genetics for the past two years! thank you so much Steele and Logic, i finally copped a pack. i hope i find the DMT steele i thought you lost the SourBubble...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    500 channels by choking victim feed the children(book of lies) by Leftöver Crack
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Yasmin the Light by Explosions in the Sky Kicking Horse on Broken Hill by Godspeed You! Black Emperor The PawnShop by Sublime Horns of A Rabbit by Do Make Say Think
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    Male Bubblegum In Urkle Cross

    these Urkle crosses are so solid. any bud shots raskal?
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    Querkle in Mass

    the perfect blend of Purple Erkle and Space Queen! does it still have that every-purple-candy-ever-mixed-together taste?
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