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  1. josefrahl

    Hi I’m new :)

    Click on your profile, click account details, then bookmarks under 'your account'
  2. josefrahl

    Found this what is it?

    Mealybug infestation I believe. There are a lot of home remedies to get rid of them if you google it.
  3. josefrahl

    My 2nd grow and beyond

    Thanks. I started with 3 plants, but only the one survived :( One stopped growing after the flower flip, and the other turned hermie. Only my 2nd grow, and 1st photo grow so everything is still a learning experience. Think I am going to stick with autos after this grow tho. Have some Purple...
  4. josefrahl

    My 2nd grow and beyond

    Finally got a phone that allows me to post photos. I am at the end of my second grow, and thought I'd drop some pictures. I'll go more in depth on everything when I start my next girls. These pics are at 8weeks of flower. Just starting to see amber trichomes so I figure another week or 2.
  5. josefrahl

    Why cant i find promix soil anywhere any more?

    Just looked, I received the HP. I'm growing hydro at the moment, but been thinking of getting a greenhouse and growing outside as well.
  6. josefrahl

    Why cant i find promix soil anywhere any more?

    I was just going to look up if promix was any good. One of my customers gave me 2 bales yesterday that his tennant left behind. Score! :)
  7. josefrahl

    MmJoy my grow with Me

    We did get a lot of rain at the end of winter. The last time we got this much I remember there were places where it looked like the desert was moving from the amount of caterpillars. I do pest control in AZ, and besides caterpillars we have a few beetles that can do that much damage, but they...
  8. josefrahl

    Best vapes for weed, Bubble hash and concentrate?

    Just vape weed not the others. I have a Pax 2 for on the go. Volcano for home use w/a 3d printed rubber adapter for bongs. Also have a E-Nano that I originally used for bong hits, but it just sits on the shelf since I got the volcano adapter. It works very very well, and would use it if I...
  9. josefrahl

    MCT vs Vegetable Glycerin tincture

    I prefer MCT for the taste and just seems to be more consistent in both its effects and how it feels. I make CBD not THc though. On a side note, made some bottles for my parents a few months ago, and just talked to my mom today, she had stage 3 kidney disease and diabetes. Just went to Dr...
  10. josefrahl

    MmJoy my grow with Me

    Yeah, I'm in AZ as well (N.PHX). This last weeks jump in temp was a pain keeping the temps down. Ended up getting a portable AC for the room I grow in so I don't have to run it in the whole house for 1 room. I'm on day 40 of my first grow so reading through your thread was like reading a...
  11. josefrahl

    What kind of critter is this?

    Looks like a larch ladybug. They are brown and white.
  12. josefrahl

    Hello everyone!

    Hey everyone. Just started growing with the legalization in my state. 40 days into my first autos(Pink Kush), and having a blast. Both are flowering right now, and can't wait for harvest :) Growing indoor hydro, and currently only room for 2 at a time, but will add for my next grow.
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