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  1. Bbonez

    How to best dry a very bushy plant?

    At least cut the Center branches out, very easy to mold like that.
  2. Bbonez

    Spider Farmer Giveaway, Looking for SE5000 Tester!!!

    Congratulations @Neuro
  3. Bbonez

    Does anyone have experience with Slightly Stoopid - Collie Man Kush from HSC?

    Do you remember how many days you had them in flower before you chopped? HSC says blueberry muffin has a 45 day flowering time.
  4. Bbonez

    Kyle’s Sonofarm Pro 4000 Experiment

    Did you ever finish this grow? I'm curious how long they took to finish, Humboldt seed company claims it's a 45 day strain. I find that hard to believe.
  5. Bbonez

    Let's see your 2021 Outdoor Plants!

    She's doing fine, just added some EWC and Blood meal. Getting water from the sprinkler on a timer. I just hope the street light doesn't stop her from flowering.
  6. Bbonez

    Athena Pro line help with EC issue

    Were the salts wet? If so perhaps some of the 25lbs of "salt" was water weight? Have you tried different measuring cups? I've noticed the cheap shot glasses and plastic cups from grow stores are not as accurate as a syringe. In the future, I recommend using 3lbs per gallon so you don't take...
  7. Bbonez

    Is topping at three weeks ok?

    Probably, let's see a picture of them.
  8. Bbonez

    Can I grow 2 autos in a 5 gal?

    Keep an eye on them just in case. I don't think any seed bank is 100% on feminized seeds.
  9. Bbonez

    Can I grow 2 autos in a 5 gal?

  10. Bbonez

    Spider Farmer Giveaway, Looking for SE5000 Tester!!!

    I've never used a SF product before. If you send me a light as a tester, I'll put it in a room with 3 HLG scorpion diablos and see how it compares. Here is your shot to prove you are the industry leader!
  11. Bbonez

    Contest Prizes: Dragon's Flame Genetics & Spider-Farmer

    This contest is on the up and up, I won last month and don't have any friends (IRL or on the internet.) Also, I was nominated again this month by a different person. My prize seeds showed up quickly, thanks @dragonflame. Great prizes this month, good luck everyone!
  12. Bbonez

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Apple fritter Day 42, not as frosty as my Ice Cream Cake but I showed that off last run.
  13. Bbonez

    Coco and Athena! Never look Back

    What price is your rep giving you? I thought about switching to Athena because I ran out of my HGV flower formula. With HGV I am able to use cheap calnitrate as my "base" however Athena puts the micronutrients in their base. So for $175 X2 I just didn't see any value, now HGV isn't cheap ($240...
  14. Bbonez

    Lets see your week 5 buds

    Space is 10x10, running 4 HLG Scorpion diablos. I run kingbrites in my mother & veg rooms like the ones you are considering and think they are a good inexpensive option. If you want the diablos let me know and I can probably help you get them for about $1100 each no tax or shipping.
  15. Bbonez

    Lets see your week 5 buds

    2 lights of Ice cream cake, 1 light Funky charms, 1 Apple Fritter. End of week 6:
  16. Bbonez

    POTM Nominations - Jul 2021

    Post: Post in thread 'Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers' Grower: @BogartAmungus Strain: Runtz x Obama
  17. Bbonez

    Once you go coco... err. Help me design a small DTW coco system.

    How can I adjust my environment so I am able to feed that frequently? The most I can feed is 250 MLs 4X a day, at that schedule I get about 15% runoff? Temps are around 84F lights on and 78 lights off. Dehu set at 55% keeps the room around 60%.
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