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  1. fictionsuit

    What Is The Top Three Strongest Strains You Ever Smoked?

    Jack the RIpper or Agent Orange. Both were too strong for me.
  2. fictionsuit

    Homegrown Cannabis Co? Anyone ever grown their gear?

    They have strains that look good for sale. Grandaddy Purps, Jilly Bean, Mochalope, but are these bunk or good? Anyone ever given their beans a try?
  3. fictionsuit

    F2 Breeding Question

    When you breed P1 & P2 you make F1, that F1 is like the parents. You inbreed the F1's together you get F2s which show a lot more recessive traits so you get a lot more variance in traits. IF you were to breed that F2 showing recessive traits, would it breed for those traits or would it breed...
  4. fictionsuit

    How do I get a job Growing Cannabis legally

    I'm ready to do this full time for a dispensary in AZ. How do I get started?
  5. fictionsuit

    Any IRC or grower Chatrooms around?

    Hey that Discord is awesome, thank you! Tho they do all think i'm a cop, its still a great community there. Lots going on.
  6. fictionsuit

    Any IRC or grower Chatrooms around?

    Any suggestions of any discord groups where growers chat? When I do grow again i'm going to want people I can talk to when I run into N00bie issues and also help people who I have a little more knowledge then. Its how I grew before and looking for that again.
  7. fictionsuit

    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    Jesus how did you do that?
  8. fictionsuit

    Show me your BOG grows

    I've been salivating over Bogs seeds lately, dreaming of growing Lifesaver, Sour Bubble, and LSD. Saying one day I will be able to legally do it again when I move and then i'll do it, but until then I can only dream. I used to grow a ton of TGA Subcool gear back in 2009-2012 and I miss the...
  9. fictionsuit

    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    That sucks! It is the risk taken doing regular seeds, but I can't see doing any other way being as rewarding.
  10. fictionsuit

    Any IRC or grower Chatrooms around?

    I plan on growing again in a few years when I legally can, until then i'd love to gain some knowledge and i'm big on chatrooms. I just tried looking in the old placed i'd look like Efnet then Undernet IRCnet and all of them are empty. When I grew in 2012 rollitup had their own chatroom I used...
  11. fictionsuit

    What you smokin tonight???

    I agree. I read from people on the internet to wait till 20% amber. I did tests where I would harvest some at 5% Amber and some at 25% amber and I must say the effects were more powerful with mostly cloudy trics and 5% Amber. Now i'm no scientist so my experiments were just done by me and...
  12. fictionsuit

    I miss growing

    I should point out what I used to do for making seeds was Veg the plant indoor, put the male outdoor 2-3 weeks before the females after they are sexed. Then put the females out to flower (Hawaii you can flower outdoor year round). After about 4-6 hairs per spot are showing I take the male and...
  13. fictionsuit

    I miss growing

    I quit growing in 2012 due to problems with alcohol and other drugs I wound up in rehab. cleaned up got a good job got married havent grown and smoked weed again and realized I miss the hell out of growing. Told my wife I need to grow again once we legally can (which wont be till we move to...
  14. fictionsuit

    Nanners ah fk! now what?

    Finish growing it. So it has seeds. Its still better weed then they had in the 70s. Grow it out, and if you can't stand seeded weed turn it into oil.
  15. fictionsuit

    When should i transplant ??? And start training/topping???

    I'm not an expert, and i'm hoping someone else will correct all I say wrong but I think you are supposed to transplant them now if you see roots at the bottom. That being said they are still too young to train or top I think. You COULD top it now but that means no more growth upward instead 4...
  16. fictionsuit

    My chem4 first time grow

    That makes sense. I always thought that the lower leaves held sugar which the plant can eat when it needs to.
  17. fictionsuit

    F2 F3?

    I'm no expert but: With F1's you'll get 3 types of plants, one mostly like the father, one mostly like the mother, or one in the middle of them. With F2's you get a lot more variety. You get their recessive genes to come play into the mix and you wind up with things like one parent, things...
  18. fictionsuit

    My chem4 first time grow

    Noobie question. What is the benefit of removing the lower leaves?
  19. fictionsuit

    Flushing? How long?

    So are you saying to flush the plant is a myth?
  20. fictionsuit

    Flushing? How long?

    Thank you! Just told them and your advice is taken well!
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