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    Warning Santa Cruz Locals!!!

    And herbal cruz is back to ripping off it's vendors
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    My friends.. Please vote NO on Prop 19!

    That is just not true. Right now you get a ticket for possessing under an ounce and go to jail for possessing more than an ounce. Even if you're talking about medical law there are limits. And prop 19 has no effect on medical possession/cultivation laws. That's not true either. People...
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    My friends.. Please vote NO on Prop 19!

    Saying no three times doesn't make what I said less true. The original linked post contains lies and/or misinformation. In my opinion people shouldn't form their opinions based on misinformation. That's pretty reasonable right? Vague notions of conspiracy theories aren't a good reason to...
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    My friends.. Please vote NO on Prop 19!

    Ok. So this list of "facts" is claiming that prop 19 will somehow completely reverse the foundation of the US justice system making people guilty until proven innocent? lol. Either the person who wrote this is completely ignorant to the way our legal system actually works or they are just...
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