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  1. J.Terrible

    What's The Oldest In Ground Cannabis Tree?

    So it came my mind, has anyone ever grown Cannabis like Grapes? Or just let the tree stay in the ground year round? I feel like the persecution of the plant has kept this from happening. Perhaps it's the tree of life and we just need a 10yr old tree to produce magical nugs with healing...
  2. J.Terrible

    Just A Guy and his SF2000

    The one behind it is Marshmallow OG the breeders cut from Compound...
  3. J.Terrible

    Just A Guy and his SF2000

    Also got a few of these going at another spot... Peanutbutter Breath
  4. J.Terrible

    Just A Guy and his SF2000

    So been a minute since I posted so here's what's going on. My dumb ass made myself go through all type of deficiencies by accidentally kicking my girls into flower by putting them outside to early. Also the Cal Mag issue, it was a nice lil journey lol... I tried Sea Blast Grow for a bit which...
  5. J.Terrible

    Just A Guy and his SF2000

    Also I looked at the grow bulbs leds and they are the same size as what's on the SF2000 for those who might be on a budget. You could build a flower cab 2x3x2 and put like 5 of 6 of those bulbs on sockets installed on the roof. Or could build a lil board with sockets on it like a plank of wood...
  6. J.Terrible

    Just A Guy and his SF2000

    I'm VERY impressed with the build and quality of this SF2000 and plan to get more! Those FEIT Grow Bulbs with switchable spectrum are dope too! My homie is verging like 20+ 2ft clones in cups under 3 of em and they are thriving! I'm totally sold on LED!!!
  7. J.Terrible

    Just A Guy and his SF2000

    It's funny how you forget the bullshit you went through learning to grow. Luckily I caught it in time. Also happy my Peanut Butter Breaths weren't affected.
  8. J.Terrible

    Just A Guy and his SF2000

    things were looking like they were on their way.... but... dun dun dun... this stupid ass named ME read EC to PPM conversion WAY WRONG... fuck me lol so yea I for some reason though 0.8 EC was 800ppm smfh sooooooooo off! I'm sitting here running 2.5ml of nutes and cal mag along with 2ml of...
  9. J.Terrible

    Just A Guy and his SF2000

    What up my people's! I'm back at it and setup properly now to actually grow some fire. Here we got a Spider Farmer 2x4 tent and a SF2000. Running Royal Gold Tupur, H&G Aqua Flakes, Cal Mag+, GH Rapid Start, and Kangaroots. These girls got mistreated, the 2 Ice Cream Cakes got left in cubes in a...
  10. J.Terrible

    Thundurkel? ThunderKid? Maybe... The f#@k is up yall!

    Some may remember me from "ThunderKids Geo Pots & 1200 Watts" well my life straight fell apart after that run n I never really got to grow again. So like all these years later I grew up, got my own place deciding to get up and running again!Got a 2x4 Spider Farmer tent and SF2000 showing up...
  11. J.Terrible

    Beware Of H&G Magic Green

    Wow just finding this thread, I loved Magic Green, I used it at 2.5ml to 3ml per gal and my girls loved it. Hopefully the label is fixed by now lol
  12. J.Terrible

    Spiderfarmer. Don’t argue the ability to produce 🔥

    Looks good dude! I got a SF2000 kit on the way, looks like it gives better quality than the 600w hps setup I had.
  13. J.Terrible

    preflowering while in 18/6

    Personally... I'd transplant all of those into smart pots of coco. Royal Gold Tupur, run House and Garden nutes don't bother with the coco shit get Aqua Flakes and the rest of the line. PH to 5.5 - 5.8 ... veg 700-800ppm flower 1100ppm first 2 weeks then 1400ppm and have PH at 6.0 .... thank me...
  14. J.Terrible

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

  15. J.Terrible

    ^^((ThunderKid's Geo Pots & 1200 Watts!))^^

    Omg how life changed after this run! Can't access this account so come follow me aka [Thundurkel] aka the dumbest board name ever lol came from me having a cut a Urkle and a cut of Thunderfuck to start with smh... Weeds legal fuck it yall I'm J.Terrible! I got some outdoor I'm fucking around...
  16. J.Terrible

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    Probably the same Blueberry that was going around Sacramento in 96 ..
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