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    Now u like Arizona

    i certainly hope that would never happen but if the state government went through with it they would probably use dna testing and the weed developed by monsanto for the feds for medical research and whatnot, which im sure already has its dna mapped out. im sure dna testing isnt cheap or simple...
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    Who's going to the OMCA?

    dang that sounds like a blast, ive had my application in for 3 months but still no word, heard it can take up to 5 months to get your card right now :doh
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    not enough nutes?

    hey everyone. having some problems with 2 of my plants and im clueless at this point as to what i did wrong tho im guessing i waited too long to start giving nutes, or i gave too much of something and locked out the plants. one is severly affected and the other is just starting to get...
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    My little medical perpetual grow

    i hope so too haha, dont have alot of expierience with them myself but ive had to start from seed too. so far so good with this run tho, would love to see a log for that la con. im curious how it would compare to the tora bora (la con X x18 pure pakastani), i hear the x 18 is rough tasting so...
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    My little medical perpetual grow

    Update so far so good. got 2 females and 3 males from the 5 white russians, rocklock went into 12/12 on the 10th starting to show female preflowers and has almost doubled in size, chocolope has been transplanted into a 5gal along with one of the white russians thats was drooping alot. the...
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    My little medical perpetual grow

    hey just starting up a medical perpetual grow, ive grown a plant here and there before but i recently moved from california to oregon so now im gonna be growing all my medicine. currently ive got 5 autos (ones showing balls so far) for a quick crop and a femenized rocklock and feminized...
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    whats in your freezer

    got a little collection going. hoping to order some more soon. Rocklock DNA genetics Chocolope DNA genetics Sweet Haze DNA genetics Tora Bora Reserva privada Auto-flowering white russian Lowlife seeds Raskals Og Cali Connection Sour Og Cali Connection The White X Fire og X larry og...
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