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    Justiceman's Grape Ape Conquest

    Stellar job on this grow!!! :party0044:
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    Should i pull it out to dry????

    No x 2 :hi
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    Macro Madness; JTR, Vortex, Fire OG, Plushberry, Cheesequake and more

    awesome bud porn.!:rauch08:
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    Hello, Im pete This is my New Grow room (pics)

    Neat and clean.Awesome set up. What is the total sq. footage of your rooms?
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    freezing,shocking, or temp stressing seeds?

    Thanks Purple. I already have em in the fridge. still in the lil bags . Love the stealth and quickness of the mailing from Holland. 10 days from the day I ordered.:cool0044:
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    freezing,shocking, or temp stressing seeds?

    Thank you very much for the advice!:)
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    freezing,shocking, or temp stressing seeds?

    Got some beans. I am a rookie at this. I have heard some folks say they freeze their seeds for a day or two before germination. Any input on that, or a link to help a new farmer out. Beans are papaya, and Crystal, and are feminized. I appreciate any and all input. :banana1sv6:
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    BBQ & Smoker Enthusiast Thread..

    Nice thread Tex. I am an accomplished pit man myself. I use a Lang 60 deluxe, sticks only. Last year we finished up around 367th in the country out of over 5000 teams. ( KCBS) Good to see other Q folks on this type of a website. Another month and it will be time to start the comps...
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    Super Skunk and Violator Kush indoor grow 600 watt HPS FIRST GROW

    :sign0005: Got the same book. I think you have it covered pretty well. Great lookin grow bro. :cool0044:
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    Purple Monster

    Pretty flowers. Wish they were mine. :sign0005:
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    A lil' somethin'

    Awesome way to start your first post! :)
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    Kritical Mass

    awesome garden Kritical. Those girls are tall, gettin into the lights.
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    All or Nothing - First legal grow! And First UC grow 7,200 watt

    That grow is off the hook. Makes my hands hurt just thinkin about all that scissor action coming up! :harvest:
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    Frosty's Tent SHOW..... Come on it but Bring a Jacket!

    excellent thread. It had a bit of everything. The frosties buds I have seen in awhile fo sho! :sign0005:
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    Nugz From Recent Harvest!!

    OH my, tasty lookin buds. Me likey big time. :sign0005:
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    New to THC... HELLO!

    I agree 100% Lots of attitude at RIU, never even registered there. looking forward to your help and grows. I'm from the mitten state too. :rollj:
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    howdy from SW michigan

    Thanks for the welcome. I will learn, and see if I got what it takes to bring more dank to Michigan. Seems like a ton of helpful people here. :)
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    howdy from SW michigan

    Hello fellow farmers. Lurked for a few weeks, decided to jump in and test the waters. I'm 50, a cancer patient and MMJ card holder. Looking forward to learning the ropes of growing my own meds, and possibly helping others like myself obtain their meds. :cool0010:
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