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    Green Rush on Hwy 99 and Shelby Rd in Lynnwood sucks

    I think the only thing I would take weed back for is not flushed and powdery mildew including the use of a sulpher burner
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    Green Rush on Hwy 99 and Shelby Rd in Lynnwood sucks

    Picked up an 8th of G-13 , looked good ,smelled good. When I went to smoke it, fertilizer burn, it was not flushed . When I went to take it back I was treated like a sucker. Finally after suffering a lot of abuse they swapped it out. Fuckin assholes . Stand by your products . The doctrine of...
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    Cleaning house...............

    U-Dub is Billy Weed ...ask him
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    Alcohol Extraction

    I use the 99% and shake for 15 seconds run it threw a nylon put it in a double water bath on the stove top in the pyrex of course. I leave it just a little soupy , kind a globby. Then air it out, close it back up this a for several weeks. Im good to go
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    if light makes plants hermie what about the moon??

    The plant plant is interested in ALL types of light. sorry I can't footnote that statement
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    2012 Legalization Debate TONIGHT at Casselman's

    Back to black, and everything will be OK. On the other hand full legalization, "one way or the another this darkness got to cease."
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    Fined for vapin in hotel room

    vapin is not smokin... it must have been the Mota Maids... no Corpus Delicti IE: you cant be placed at the seen of the "crime"...unknowing possesion IE: no dominion and control ... legal meds Send them a Letter of Intent to File Civil Action and tell them to "Cease And Desist" along with a fuck...
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    Greatful Dead/Furthur

    AlienBoyD7 is "Dead Forever and Forever Dead" in my little music collection I have 66 gigs of Dead I got it all before Rhino records got there greedy mits on the Vault.
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    What are these bugs and why wont they DIE!!!

    maybe 35% peroxide... dont get that shit on your skin it will burn
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    New gens and projects....

    Run into Lemonhoko at the Washington farmers cannabis market yesterday. Lem laid a couple of grams of Mota's Ronnie James on me, which I am smokin as I type. First hit off the joint ya go hmm this tastes good. 3rd hit it wacks ya hard. Im about half way done.. gotta set it down for a minute...
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    Anyone going to see Phish @ The Gorge Washington 8/5-8/6??

    Hey Crom, AlienBoy here... I think the weed situation in Eastern Washington, as usual sucks. They dont call this the Soviet State of Washington for no reason. While the Western part of the state is a little better. I have been very nervous with weed and shrooms walking out of the Gorge before...
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    Wolf Spiders?

    What people dont realize is that there is a spider within six feet of you at all times. lol... I still have two holes in my leg from a spider bite I got in Chelan Washington from 1989.
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    A peek into my stable....

    I am taking the bus down to tac city in the morning , to see a baseball game. Maybe see you there lem.
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    Wolf Spiders?

    You are blessed to have Wolf Spiders. I would give them names.
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    New gens and projects....

    Hey lemon your discription is right on point. I am glad she is in capable hands... mota, lemon , anyway I will find it in the north sound.
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    Am I the only one smoking joints at the farm?

    Joints for weed, pipes for hash...but I am thinking about buying a
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    Dispensary bashing thread...

    Its the same story, our only out is a jury trial !!? Kinda like rollin the dice , alas , the government can't take us all to trial. So the scumsucking bastards go after the big fish. The Hammer of Justice Looms! They will go down in flames. In the meantime they will make your life a " reefer...
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    Dispensary bashing thread...

    I am goin let my card lapse, fuck the mutherfuckers anyway , still the same positive defense can do what you want! just dont get caught " When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" The good doctor . AlienBoy is Gonzo
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    New gens and projects....

    U-dub... brother, I have been searching for this since we lost it in 97. Billy Weed is in the house! I gave away hundreds of cuttings in the 80's. When Ken got this sick clone from Billy, who knew what a fire storm it would cause. I will be watching and lurking. Right fuckin on. Oh buy the...
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    Medical Pot Patient Robbed, Beaten; Cops Take Plants While He's Dying

    The "Soviet State Of Washington"...Supreme Court Justice William O'Douglas
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