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    The six pack formula

    read the b ottom it tells you how to properly mix them into a 2 pasrt base
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    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    i have been reading this thread for 2 weeks now and am so excited and informed now.. I have had the SIXPACK raw salts tubs sitting on the shelf for so long but never ran out of other branded ferts . well its time to start.. thanks everyone
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    How many people use a MH bulb during the last 2 weeks of flowering

    Don ask me about the top bulbs.. I have gone back to a very simple cost effect bulb program.. I have a connection where I get my 600 mh and hps bulbs for less than 15$ each.. I think the hps is 2000 or 2500k and the mhs are either 4500 or 6000k.. color spectrum.. So I know just switch my...
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    How many people use a MH bulb during the last 2 weeks of flowering

    I have done a few runs with the hps vs mh testing in mind... I have noticed that density can really be postivly inpacted with the use of MH in the last month.. there is just something wierd about it that I dont understand but I have had fanastic resin and density results when suplimenting with...
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    Strains & Projects

    hey HAZYMON.. what is the lineage or cut stock of your bubba line? there seems to be so many.. I havent really had much experience with bubba.. I did your big bubbba once.. loved it... so not being a bubba head.. I can remeber these garberville kastsu 93 pre 98 Platinum you ever hear...
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    Green Manalishi & Herijuana: A Sirius introduction to Motarebel Genetics

    Im here to watch the show.. I have some g13/hp x pg13 from mota.. green manalishi... actually I just remembered its actually hazemans but there close if not the same due to them both having same parents.. anyway I will post some pics of the phenos I have... in your thread just to compare ok...
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    Water Wand/Submersible pump?

    I use a 55 gallon farm res that a elephant could stand on.. watering days I need to fill 3 of them.. seriously... and wheels are a good idea if your res is small enough but I went another route.... I have a 30 foot hose from my res and allows me to go all around my shop.. doesnt put any strain...
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    Water Wand/Submersible pump?

    yeah dude x2 ... hell if people didnt use these we would be watering for hours and hours... dude these are super easy to build and use/// just make sure you have a sprayer with a trigger hamdle to control flow.. pump can stay on even if wand valve is closed.. trust me it is safe and works fine...
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    BLACK MARCH , please join in

    sorry guys.. it appeared for me to see I guess not to others...
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    BLACK MARCH , please join in

    the image says it all... Lets show these corporate goonies why we have power to impact there wallets...
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    Cheap azz solution for intake filters....actually im looking for a solution

    panty hose . I have used them for years... really works and at a buck for four your set for a while... double up if your worried.. also there is very little resitance
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    yeah I dont know who I got these from but it must be some one over at MSC as that the only place I trade at...
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    I have a mikado x herijuana in veg right now,, I really am excited about the combo... its from seeds either mota or hazeman testers from a few years ago... finally got to them.. I will keep a close eye on them.. Im thinking it could speed up the heri as well as improve hte yeild... mikado is...
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    dwc air pump

    I have a few of these PONDMASTER areation pumps .. there amazing and can run many buckets at one time... there pricey but work exceptionally...
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    If you are in ontario and want to have access to a special club price please PM me. I am trying to compile a special contact list of ontario growers, MMAR and hobby growers. I dont need any info that would make you feel uncomfortable as PRIVACY is a big part of out business plan. What we are...
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    great stuff everyone.. some of the names you have posted have already been taken unfortunately but I really appreciate the posts and its stirring up lots of great ideas...
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    Help with HYDROPONICS STORE NAME: Hi I am going in partnership with another fellow in a hydroponics store in toronto ontario area.. We have a location secured and supplier chain contracts signed.. At this point we are just a number company so no real name.. So the help I need is basicly...
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    rocky mtn high

    hey TOKINUP1 did you by chance have any pics of the grow of your RMH.. I have a few in veg right now and at this point there isnt much to make it stand out.. But I really do look forward to seeing how she plays with the others... I was almost temped to through her in the flower rooms but...
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    What the F is this?

    thast powedery mildew...
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    smoking simpson oil

    I have made lots of it and take it orally all the time.. but smokin it isnt that great and many others I have shared it with feel the same...
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