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  1. chemistry

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Plant at the back has some lovely muff on it, don't know about the front ones, keep one eye open on those two. 😉
  2. chemistry

    PH is abt 8! How to bring it down fast?

    Save your self some grief and order a bottle of PH Down. 👍
  3. chemistry

    POTM Finalists Voting - Jul 2021

    royfree2grow - Sherbet queen. 👍
  4. chemistry

    Chemistry's persoanl grow.

    Thanks Frank, I'll give it a go, got some Glycerine here, I'll give the Pure Kush a splash and see how it goes, lights are out, so tomorrow morning it will have to be. 👍
  5. chemistry

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Wow, look at the muff on that baby at the front, now it has a few leaves on it, looking good. Put up a couple of pics of the plant in the top right hand corner, only the top ten inches I want to look at. 👍
  6. chemistry

    Chemistry's persoanl grow.

    Maybe you need more light?
  7. chemistry

    Chemistry's persoanl grow.

    Its the spraying I don't like, I've sprayed with chemicals before, and the weed made me wheeze, leaves me wondering why I did it. lol
  8. chemistry

    Chemistry's persoanl grow.

    Good morning tokers and growers, hope your all super well, and raring to go on this drizzly here, Saturday morning. All is not well, the mites have taken over about a quarter of the Pure Kush, so this plant may not make it to the end of flower. The other three plants look fine, with just a few...
  9. chemistry

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Leave a few more leaves on, plant needs some to produce energy, other than that you look good, still wall to wall with three plants. 👍
  10. chemistry

    Chemistry's persoanl grow.

    Morning tokers and growers, grab your reading glasses, grab a coffee, its Saturday, its sunny, and its update time. 🙂 Not a lot to report on the def side of things as the plants are green and mean. But on the bug front, the mites are back and kicking off, normally they stay at the bottom of...
  11. chemistry

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    To much leaf on your cuttings, cut them back by two thirds, , or the plant try's to make leaf, when you want it to make root, cover with your dome for a week, and they should have roots . 😉
  12. chemistry

    Rest in Peace Frency Cannoli 😔

    Do a log on it. 👍
  13. chemistry

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Stick some pics up. 👍
  14. chemistry

    Bogus Monkey's Puzzle Basement and Ramblings

    Do you use an enzyme in your water? Water looks a bit murky, maybe your nuits making the froth. Keep an eye out for root rot.
  15. chemistry

    What's going on. Weird plant growth.

    Don't know what the twisting is, I have it on one leaf on a Pure Kush at the moment, had it on other plants, doesn't seem to make any difference to the plant or flowering. Keep doing what your doing, your plants look fine.
  16. chemistry

    A common humidity/temperature issue of mine

    You'll be fine, and your plants won't croke at those temps and humidity.
  17. chemistry

    First real indoor grow.

    Put some pics up of your problem, plenty of boffins and scientists on Farmers, some one will know which direction to point you in. 👍
  18. chemistry

    First real indoor grow.

    Welcome to the Farm, nice grow, good colour. 👍
  19. chemistry

    End of flower color change

    I'd wait until the end of week eight and start a flush, whip off a bud and give it a toke, you'll know where you are then. Either way the plants look good, more early finisher than a def.
  20. chemistry

    Which one should I start with?

    Just voted, bubble gum is winning. 😁
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