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    Nfl 2011

    Sorry guys. been a crazy few months... lemme know who, what, when, and where...we'll get this sorted soon.
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    Aligee Seeds Test: Kushplant : WiFi x pre98-

    Aligee.. Dude. Much apologies for not completing the test grow. I had to finish these girls outside of the stadium under subpar conditions. Worse, I have no cuts. I really wish I could have saved em. Let me know how I can make it right bro...feel shitty i can't run it again to...
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    Pisces Test: Cheese S1 - Coco, Stadium, Barebulb

    Jimmynitz... sorry man. shit happened and couldn't find the time to keep up w/ the thread. I have all 6 cuts, you WILL have this thread revived and completed.
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    Life hit me and my garden upside the head. Back to the Farm!

    Just wanna say hi to the old heads. been a few months. had some shit go down, life kinda turned upside down, inside out, and back around again. big ups to Logic, mods, and the new site. Not sure how new it is, but its new to me..looks sexy! Finally can browse in public without the huge...
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    The Master Cleanse/ The Lemonade Diet

    ^thank you for that. bought. I'm familiar with the study through the movie Forks Over Knives. But didn't know there was a book.
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    Cheese s1

    interested in this comment. What does oily plants indicate? :help:
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    Capulator's Bennies Test: Cap vs. Xtreme

    Sorry guys. In light of discovering that most these species would be only marginally helpful in coco i've decided to revise the test. I'll include organics. Organics with, Organics without, Coco with, coco without. I'll set this up soon. Thanks again to Capulator!
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    Pisces Test: Cheese S1 - Coco, Stadium, Barebulb

    ^Thanks guys. Little update. Nearly all plants are identical, save for plant size. The size is most likely due to my poor start and stunted growth of a few as a result. Budsites are established, the fun has begun! They'll be getting a proper leg shaving in the days ahead. About week...
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    CocoStadium: Barebulb Vert Adventures

    Thanks dudes! I appreciate you fellas keepin extra eyes on things over here. ====== Purple Capo Kush by OG Genetics 4 phenos to choose. #7, 4, 5, 9 #7 #4 #5 #9 Observations: #7 is a low yielder but is dripping in resin. The aroma is dominantly a...
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    CocoStadium: Barebulb Vert Adventures

    First harvest wave in the coming days. Trying the perpetual. Well, for now. :sign0065: So the others will be translocated to the right side. And new cuts will enter the left. Gearin' up for a monocrop. I'm finding that yield is sacrificed with the larger plants. So i'll revert to the single...
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    how bout this? Mites on seedlings?

    mighty was is mostly water. won't hurt em. ..supposedly. i've never used it.
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    Interested In Real Spores Without The "fluff"

    Would you recommend the same application rate for all packs? Also, if you could find out, is there a point of diminishing return in respect to the populations of any one species or any combination of species? In fact, could you find out if there could be any sort of negative effect in the...
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    Cheese s1

    whew, ballsy! i never take my girls outside. ever.
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    got cheese......?

    same here. pretty uniform, except in vertical measurements. but that could be due to a lot of things.
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    Interested In Real Spores Without The "fluff"

    Just got the foliar pack today, took long. Thanks for the info bro. I'll be modifying my testing technique to include organics, coco, with and without the nute/foliar/root packs. Might as well test the high P as well, so i'll hit some real hard w/ PK at the appropriate times and see what...
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    anyone running 10 gallons? how dry?

    if you cut w/ perlite, you can water as much as you want. the more perlite, the more frequent your waterings. pure coco can't be fed too often as stated above. especially 10g worth.
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    Pisces Test: Cheese S1 - Coco, Stadium, Barebulb

    they're the sexy one's at the end of the bottom row...:pimp:
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    CocoStadium: Barebulb Vert Adventures

    that's the biggest problem right now, man. a good problem, but i'm havin trouble deciding.. back from the dead! good to see you 'round bud! ======= Quick update: Full swing again...hope to not have any dead time anymore. planning is essential. On the right, is a variety of...
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    gnats in flowering?

    sns203, worked really well for me. and i had a TON. a couple applications and they were gone. natural, organic, and can be used up to harvest. btw, LOVE your work..
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    CocoStadium: Barebulb Vert Adventures

    Thanks bro, i really like the stadium. Probably my favorite style of growing. Bushes, no larf, minimal equipment. === These are going into a coco bed tonight and then flipped soon after.
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