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  1. MeJuana

    Pictures Of Removed Leaves/buds With Something Wrong

    What am I looking at is it a powdery white substance or am I missing what you are showing me? If it is powdery mildew I possibly see that on the leaf and that is quite common in growing. I absolutely hate powdery mildew it makes the weed taste weird, hurts yields. Powdery Mildew has caused me to...
  2. MeJuana

    Changing Lights Which Way Would Be Better

    I would likely use a CMH 315. It's called a Ceramic Metal Halide and it is fairly new technology. They have conversion kits available for old HPS hoods which is likely the cheapest way to go. Get a hood for cheap then pair it with a conversion kit. L.E.D. is getting better it almost has me...
  3. MeJuana

    My First Grow How Many Hours On And Off For New Starts Using A Metal Halide.

    You could plant in a 1.7 gallon container from the gate but it is really difficult especially when new to manage watering, gnats, stem rot and etc. Also it is easier to manage low dose ferts in a small cup, which you will use at first. Most growers I've seen online and everyone I know use those...
  4. MeJuana

    DIY LED with COBs - small medium and large grows

    You changed the way I look at L.E.D. completely!! I want to try L.E.D. but I'm not looking to marry it I am just looking for a date. But even building a 2 x 3590 lamp starts to get expensive fast. But not if I use a 3070, a cpu cooler, with few dollar driver and just run one light!! You gave me...
  5. MeJuana

    Super Cropping ??

    When it actually snaps hold the branch back straight how it was before super cropping then tape it with a piece of masking tape long ways. I use approximately 2 inch long piece of masking tape along the stem then wrap it. When you finish the branch will almost be standing straight again, this is...
  6. MeJuana

    New Growing Space Set Up

    That's bull malarky don't take that kind of treatment from anyone! If you purchased through PayPal put a dispute not as described (or whatever it is) and list that they sent you the MH bulb. You don't have to mail anything back if you want this to be a bluff. I bet they will acquire and send...
  7. MeJuana

    Aact Recipes And Knowledge

    I have been against teas for a decade but recently I began considering them again. First let me say I am still against expensive tea recipes because they aren't adding nutrients but rather only microbes. But now my position is that as long as you are sourcing the items cheaply or free and you...
  8. MeJuana

    Hello Everyone

    Well what I've learned in my time growing is organic soil is simple. Anything involving water is a lot of maintenance so you end up having a second ball/chain situation. The secret is having a great fluorescent light powered veg room and to bend your stems by hand once per week. Slow veg for 2+...
  9. MeJuana

    Clones & Eagle20

    For now until you can get a controller you need to set your dehumidifier at 60 and your humidifier at 40. You need to control temps both lights on/off. You need at least two fans blowing on 4 or more plants. Ideally you will have 4 fans so that 2 blow at night from a different direction. Your...
  10. MeJuana

    First Time Grower Into Week 4, Some Problems With Plant Please Help...

    doesn't look like thirps it looks like they are hot, hungry and they are sensitive to pH flucuation. This computer sucks for looking at photos but I'm hoping there's no thirps.
  11. MeJuana

    Ph Help!!! Plz

    We don't test pH runoff unless they make us do it.. ;) You don't need to test the pH of your run off water or your soil unless you have a problem. If you did have a problem with pH you would normally run a "hard" pH buffered solution through your planter to straighten out pH. What this does is...
  12. MeJuana

    What Are These Thcbay Strains That Catch My Eye?

    Sometimes I notice a strain that sounds interesting from the ads on the forum. But I try to look up the strain to find information and there's nothing listed anywhere, by anyone. I am not one of those people who enjoy going first. Is it because I always look at the newest strains? Med Mans...
  13. MeJuana

    Fungus Gnats And Spinosad

    Seamaiden gives good advice. If you're not in flower hang Hot Shot No Pest Strips that will knock the fliers down. I hang 3 of them that cover 900 or 1500 sqft in a tiny veg room. First time I started doing it spiders and stuff were dead near the entrance, bugs on the floor here/there and gnats...
  14. MeJuana

    My 2nd Grow

    Welcome to the farm john! The great thing about documenting your grow online is you can't lose your notes.. What strain and growing style?
  15. MeJuana

    Identify This Strain

    gravekat I tried Googling but it's over my head. What is rare about that strain I am so curious now
  16. MeJuana

    What Causes Stalk Rot????? Help

    It's just the fact that the stem is remaining wet along with the soil. Hydrogen Peroxide blows it's ass up around it's neck area..
  17. MeJuana

    New Member Seeking Advice On Raw Nutes

    There's a chemist named Daniel Fernandez who started a blog on mixing your own nutrients cheaply. He is focused on hydro but it doesn't matter what you use the nutrients for.
  18. MeJuana

    Council Of First Knowledge, Jedi Temple Training Facility

    Looks good nice setup and I am digging your location also with a window a/c enough distance away not to cause temp stresses but close enough to be very useful. Here's some so called pointers, you can ignore them of course. You should always pH soak rockwool before use but you can let it dry out...
  19. MeJuana

    Breeding With Another Breeder's Gear.

    Well we should boycott any breeder who gets a patent because that is the same corporate greed that's been holding cannabis back.
  20. MeJuana

    Please Help Identify This Problem

    The leaves in the shade are getting little spots on them am I seeing that correctly? Sometimes a plant can take leaves in the shade showing us that she is slightly light on an element. But sometimes when I see those spots on the most shady leaves I check for spider mites. Hopefully you have a...
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