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  1. W8ing4Buds

    Second grow GG4

    I did grow some GG4 and if your previous grow was amazing I can't think of a reason why this one wouldn't be the same. The only advice i would give you for GG4 go light on the feed. Better to feed her more often with less nuts.
  2. W8ing4Buds

    Issues late veg(OG kush)

    I had the same problem with og kush and didn't understand it at first. Belive it or not... It's too bushy! Take some branches of in the middle to give her more air and it will perk up in a day. I wish you all the best
  3. W8ing4Buds

    1st time grower, seed problems?

    Sorry i didn't see this post earlier. Because all could be saved and the older growers could tell you that weed is weed and it grows like weed. The obe that strached like that and then you bend it it was still good. Next time just take a big pot and bury her all the way almost up to the leaves...
  4. W8ing4Buds

    would this be a good starter set up ?

    I would suggest you go with soil for the first time. Hydro would give you magic results if you have the knowledge and know how to fix any problems with the plants that might happen. Coco is somewhere in the middle betwin hydro and soil. I allways suggest you start in soil because with soil you...
  5. W8ing4Buds

    Green lights for sleeping plants

    Use the green light if you really need to work in the room during the dark period. Otherwise the dark period should be dark all the way
  6. W8ing4Buds

    Need help. To defoilate or not

    I would suggest the alternative route. Keep the leafs on but try to open her up a littel bit. Rope down outer branches so you will get more light and air inside the canopy. You can do this in flower just don't be to agresive. Just move each a couple of inches out. But they look amazing! I wish...
  7. W8ing4Buds

    Why do my plants look sleep during lights on ?

    I see that you have water/feed problem. Try to water them daily with less water right next to the stem of the plant because as i see the pots are to big for the size of the plants you have. Take those wilted leafs off the plant and open her up to the light. Just a suggestion: for the number of...
  8. W8ing4Buds

    How did i messed up?

    Hello. Was makeing some feminized seeds (auto). And in my small tent i had 2 plants. I used 2 drances to reverse in to male (STS) to polinate the same plant. Not that all the pistils are brown so it mean it's polinated all the fan leaves died. All of then. Even small ones. The problem i have...
  9. W8ing4Buds

    What from your opinions is the best tent?

    For your question who are reputable seeds seller you first need to know witch strain you want and then search for the right seller of that strain. Well it's how i do it. For the air control i am using 1 big fan with filter on top of the tent pushing air out and 2 small on the bottom pushing air...
  10. W8ing4Buds

    What from your opinions is the best tent?

    My mars hydro are OLD as fuck. Red and blue spectrum. Well it said on the box full spectrum but 4years old light we all know they weren't. That is why i am considering replacing them with sf2k
  11. W8ing4Buds

    What from your opinions is the best tent?

    This is the real question. And there is no good answer. I have 3 tents with 3 different leds. And i must tell you that i don't see much difference in g/w. In first i have mars hydro in second king led. And in 3. Viparspectra. For now i would say that king led is the best but because i don't do...
  12. W8ing4Buds

    Flushing too early?

    If this picture is after 4 days of flushing and the leaves still look so healthy i would keep on flushing. If the tricomes are all or 90% cloudy. Belive me that after 2week flush there will be more that just some ambers in there
  13. W8ing4Buds

    What from your opinions is the best tent?

    I sorry but tent is just a tent. Buy the cheapest one that is in your desired measurements.
  14. W8ing4Buds

    May need to grow the seeds

    I would say keep this plant. From the questions you posted i would say you are a novice grower and some experience would not hurt. Maybe is just me but i buy all my seeds and with the tecnik i use in 10 year i have 100% germination rate with bought seeds. I wish you all the best with future grows.
  15. W8ing4Buds

    May need to grow the seeds

    You can collect pollen for the next grow and make regular seeds
  16. W8ing4Buds

    May need to grow the seeds

    But if you get female and still want seeds you can reverse one branch to male and make as many FEMINISED seeds as you want
  17. W8ing4Buds

    Auto questions

    No. It will be ok. Add to the soil 30-40% of perlite to be shore she will not be over watered. when you start to feed them at the week 2 don't use the same amount nutes the you usually do. Go with 1/3 and then gradually come to 1/2. If this is your first auto grow and you said that i will be...
  18. W8ing4Buds

    Drying buds outdoors?

    As he said he uses green house. The problem of drying buds outside is the fluctuations of humidity. You can dry them in 50% or 55% or even 45%. You will get problem is the humidity is not constant. For drying i use one grow tend with small exast fan and it works percetly.
  19. W8ing4Buds

    Has my GIRL turned to a BOY??? New grower

    You mist understand that the pollen is really potent. If she would be polinated the hole hair will be brown in about 2 days. She looks like she has about 8 weeks ahed of her
  20. W8ing4Buds

    Has my GIRL turned to a BOY??? New grower

    She looks ok. Don't you worry.
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